Turkey Trot…Not!


OMG….24hrs after Thanksgiving (yes it was Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend) and I still feel stuffed like a turkey! Totally threw all my good eating and running habits out the window this long weekend and replaced them with endless meals, lots of wine, movies, tractor rides through the local apple orchard and beautiful sweet moments […]

Too much of a good thing

Last week I was so eager to get going on my 10km training that I totally overdid it and gave myself shin splints. Three runs with extra distance and hills, along with teaching dance 3 nights/week really did me in. By the end of the week and throughout most of the weekend, I was sitting […]

First day of 10km training

Today was my first official day of 10km training and if I wasn’t excited enough about that….I woke up still on a high from Sunday’s race, which really made for an all around fabulous run. A nice 10 degree crisp fall day, a new route that included beautiful scenery and hills, fall leaves beginning to […]