Workouts for Injured Runners


At some point in your running journey you will probably sustain an injury. Maybe it will something minor that will only set you back a couple of weeks. Or maybe you will ignore the initial pain and end up with something major that will really set you back a few months. Either way you need […]

Stretch like a Dancer


Ever since I can remember I had an identity-I was a dancer and the daughter of a dancer. Growing up, my parents owned a dance studio in our community and throughout my childhood, teens and young adult years all things related to dance permeated my life. Training, competitions, teaching, you name it-I did it all. […]

Too much of a good thing

Last week I was so eager to get going on my 10km training that I totally overdid it and gave myself shin splints. Three runs with extra distance and hills, along with teaching dance 3 nights/week really did me in. By the end of the week and throughout most of the weekend, I was sitting […]