Go Runner Go!

Got back out there the past two days and ran a solid 5km each time. After 5 days off for Thanksgiving and irregular training prior to that due to shin splints, I assumed that my first few runs back would be difficult. To my surprise they were fabulous! I felt rested, strong, fast and above […]

Turkey Trot…Not!


OMG….24hrs after Thanksgiving (yes it was Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend) and I still feel stuffed like a turkey! Totally threw all my good eating and running habits out the window this long weekend and replaced them with endless meals, lots of wine, movies, tractor rides through the local apple orchard and beautiful sweet moments […]

The Secret Club


Before I became a runner…I had only two consistent thoughts about the topic. Runners? Never noticed any….is that a popular sport? Why? What is the point of running? No goals, no teams, seems kind of boring. So it’s quite amusing that I became a runner almost by accident. I was looking to get outside and […]