Creating Better Habits


About six months ago I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. There were many insightful moments in that book but what struck me the most was the concept of trying something new each month and slowly stacking up new habits instead of trying to change a lot at once. So I decided to give […]

Becoming a #Fitmom

How did I become a #fitmom? When I first began my journey into fitness, many friends and family members did not really think I was serious about the whole thing. The assumed it was a phase, a resolution and it wouldn’t really change me. But it did. It changed everything. After 2 years I can say […]

Authentic Resolutions

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So here we are at the beginning of a brand new year. Everyone is focused on the new habits they want to adopt and those they want to drop. I’m all for the clean slate, new approach on life that comes with a new year however this year more than ever I am aiming to […]

5 Step Plan to December Holiday SUCCESS

Welcome to December! Today is the first day of the the last month of the year It’s an exciting, fun and festive time but it can also be a time of year when what was already not going well for you…. gets even worse. You haven’t been sticking to your clean eating plan? You haven’t […]

Fall -A Look Back in Time & a Vision for the Future


It’s official. The season has arrived! Personally, I LOVE  the fall. I love the colors, the crispness in the air, the back to routine feeling that comes with the kids finally being settled in school and activities. It’s also a time of year when I am able to take some time for myself and really […]

5 Non Fitness Reasons to Give Running a Fair Chance


Think that running always has to be about fitness? Or that it must be only for the physically fit and able? Maybe you think that running is just boring exercise that people do out of necessity rather than for fun? It must be that those crazy runners are all obsessed with nutrition and working out […]

Top 5 Reasons I Haven’t Reached My Goals


Yes, it’s true….I’ve been MIA from the blog sphere for some time now. Why? Well I suppose I could blame the usual excuses like work, family and summertime distractions. However it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that I’m back and I’m ready to assess the progress I’ve made in my goals! Oh right…. […]

Inspiring Healthy Habits

Ever notice that the more you talk about running, the more the people around you eventually become interested? In the beginning everyone tends to nod their heads and remark how interesting your new hobby is….but eventually they do take notice. When? When they can really see the changes in you. All of a sudden you […]

Creating a New Habit in 4 Easy Steps

Creating a new habit in 4 easy steps

Habits….they are so hard to break but maybe even harder to create! So you’ve decided that you want to run three times a week? Or maybe you’ve decided to become a vegetarian? Want to start reading more? Regardless of what this new habit is, it clearly means something to you and so you want to […]

Race to find TIME


This article was originally posted in March 2015. However after a very busy few weeks I have noticed myself slipping back into old habits and in desperate need of re-reading my own advice! Okay parents, let’s be real. Many of us feel like we can’t take the time we need for ourselves because of our […]