My Little Runner


In this last week of mild fall weather I have aimed to get in as many runs as possible. My daughter seemed to have noticed because she announced on Sunday afternoon “Mama!! LET’S GO RUNNING!!!!”. We hadn’t gone for a run together in a while so I figured why not. It certainly wasn’t going to […]

Wanderlust a.k.a Mommy’s Recharge Day


Wanderlust….I am still dreaming of that beautiful day in the mountains. Last Thursday I ran away to Mont Tremblant for a day of much needed “mommy time”. Wanderlust is known mostly as a yoga and music festival but really it is so much more. It’s actually a complete retreat that is focused on mindful living. […]

Mom? Mommy? Mama? Mom!!


It starts the minute that baby pops out. All of sudden you are no longer top dog. No one cares if you’ve eaten, slept, relaxed or gone to bathroom. It’s all about the baby. As it should be right? Only problem is that this newborn reality seems to never..go..away! All of a sudden you find […]

Managing Mommy Time


When my kids are screaming, my husband is complaining and the phone is ringing all at the same time I sometimes just stare off into the abyss and silently scream in my head…I NEED MOMMY TIME! Can anyone relate? 😉     So how do I manage my Mommy Time? Well let’s be honest, the […]

Parenting On The Run


Parenting is a tough job. The hardest one out there. As parents we are so focused on instilling good habits in our children that it’s often easy to forget that the best way, is to do it within yourself first. My daughter is 3.5 years old and like all kids her age, she runs pretty […]

How to get in a workout WITH your kids!

Workout WITH your child

Ped days. They’re probably some of your child’s favorite days of the school year but let’s face it…they’re not always yours. It sounds great in theory and honestly it sometimes is! There are those magical days when your little prince or princess gets to stay home with Mommy and bake cookies, play board games and […]

Cross Training for Parents 101

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This past weekend we finally had some “mild” weather…. With this lovely weekend forecast, hubby and I decided to take the kids sledding on the mountain. It has been such a cold winter that we really haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy many outdoor activities. So when given this opportunity, we went for it! We […]

Valentine’s Day

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What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Is it chocolate and flowers? A romantic dinner for two? DIY Valentine’s cards that took 2 hours to make for your child’s school friends? Or just a random warm and fuzzy commercial reason to help us get through the most arctic month of the year? For my family […]

Kids and Competitive Sports


A topic that comes up a lot in my life is kids and competition. There seems to be two camps and I see both within my job as a dance studio owner and also as a mom. There are the ultra competitive families who are in it to win at all costs and there are […]

See Mommy Run


This week my kids unknowingly gave me the answers to the question that I get asked the most: Why do I run? Pretty much everyone who is a non-runner has asked me this question in the past year and a half. Non-runners seem to be satisfied with a get fit, lose weight, be more healthy […]