5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to RUN


So it’s the end of race season and it feels awful. This is exactly why I enter races. Without the constant prep for the next race, I find my motivation lags and it becomes a struggle to push myself to get outside and run. Once I get just a little bit lazy, it gets worse and worse before it gets better. I ran my last race at the end of September (Montreal Rock n’Roll) and I’m missing the pressure already. The pressure to perform well and potentially beat my last PR is what gets me back out there each day. It’s not that I don’t love running, I really do! In fact,  every time I run, I scold myself for why I don’t do it more often because it’s SO MUCH FUN! Ridiculous I know …..so how to stay motivated?  I’ve found that by focusing on this list of tips and tricks, I can stay motivated longer and if I have fallen off the wagon, it’s easier to begin again. So, here are my top 5 ways to motivate yourself to run.

  1. Showcase your achievements
  2. Hold yourself accountable
  3. Find a community
  4. Reward yourself
  5. Find your sweet spot


Showcase Your Achievements

Basically, it comes down to being proud of yourself. If you’re just starting out then you have a ton of things to celebrate! New shoes, first run, first PR, so many things :) Take some pictures and post them somewhere that will motivate you. A new screensaver? Posted on your fridge? You don’t have to wait until you’ve run a full marathon to celebrate. The first time you run, you are moving faster than you did when you walked. So smile, snap a selfie and keep it handy to get yourself out there for round 2.

Already been running a while? Buy your race pics, keep your medals and race bibs and display them as a reminder of what you can do and how good it felt when you did it!

Hold Yourself Accountable

Here’s where social media makes it easy :) Post pictures! Tell your friends what you are doing and ask for their help in holding you accountable! There’s nothing like posting about your new running routine and telling everyone that they should expect to see updates three times a week. Set a goal and announce it to the world!

Find a Community

Whether it be online or in real life, there are tons of running communities to join. Run clubs are everywhere and they are great ways to make friends who share the same interests and will keep you motivated.

Reward Yourself

Did you stick to your goal and run twice times this week? Finally crossed the 10km mark? Whatever your goal was, reward yourself when you achieve it! Go shopping for a new running shirt or gadget. Buy yourself some quiet time with a good book. Whatever you enjoy but don’t do often enough, that’s your reward!

Find Your Sweet Spot

This is probably the best one. There’s a moment in a run where there’s no pain, no discomfort and in fact, it almost seems easy. You feel like you’re floating along and enjoying the moment. You’re smiling, breathing in the fresh air. Your brain is telling you how amazing it is, even if it only lasts 5 seconds 😉 Sometimes this happens at 2km, then the rest of the run is awful. Sometimes it happens at 5km or 15km. Whatever the distance or however long it lasted, that feeling is your sweet spot. Take it in, enjoy it, be grateful and try to carry it through and remember it for the next time. Focusing on those amazing little moments and learning to be grateful for what your body can do, will get you back out there searching for the next sweet spot.

Do you have other tips to add? What gets you motivated? Share in the comments below!

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