How To Make Running Goals and Keep Them

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Today I am excited to bring you a fabulous guest blog post on how to make running goals and keep them from Running Stats! Please enjoy, comment and share with your friends!

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Creating running goals can be challenging. Even more challenging, is keeping running goals. You may start out ambitious and ready to take on the terrain, but sometimes life tries to interfere. Whether it is the feeling of giving up, or life just getting busy, there are ways to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve your running goals.

Write Your Goals Down

Before you head out for a workout, write down your goals. Write down what you hope to achieve during your individual runs as well as what you aspire to accomplish in the future. Do you have your eye on finishing a race? Then sign up for the race and start creating smaller goals to achieve the mileage. Prepare yourself for success by knowing the right steps to take in making your running goals become reality.

Post your goals where you can see them, or write your goals into your training program on a calendar. The more you remind yourself of your goals, the more you can be motivated to stay on track. 

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Remind Yourself You Are Capable

Everyone hits the point where his or her body wants to give up. Even experienced runners hit the point of dehydration taking over their body and the desire to give up on a race. Whether you are starting out running for the first time, or have been running for years, remind yourself that you are capable.

Educate yourself how to run with proper form and how to avoid injury. The more you are prepared, the more you can feel confident in your capability as a runner. Add a few motivational sticky notes to your goals to keep a positive attitude that will guide you to achieving your aspirations.

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Lean On Community Support

A key part in keeping on track with your goals is to lean on the support of your community. If you are not a part of a running community, online or in the real world, then you should consider joining one. On the rough days where your body is sore and you want to give up, you can find comfort in leaning on your running community for support.

Running communities are a powerful way to connect with people just like you who understand the process and perseverance that running takes. Stay inspired to keep up with your goals by being a part of a network that understands and motivates you to run at your very best.

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Stay motivated to keep up with your goals to achieve your best run yet.


Thank you to Running Stats for this awesome guest blog post!! Check them out for more running tips!

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