Clean Eating Commandments

Okay so clean eating has become somewhat of a fad or a trendy thing to say but what exactly does it really mean? Does it mean we must throw out EVERYTHING we have been eating before and eat only organic leaves and grass? I believe it DOES NOT. We all start somewhere and go at our own pace. So where do we start when trying to make a change?No need to throw out everything. Just start at the beginning with the foundation.

That foundation begins with what we put into our bodies as fuel on a daily basis. We are literally made of what we eat. It gives us energy, helps brain function, builds muscle, helps recovery and allows us to operate at our highest level. When we become dependent on highly processed “foods”, we deprive our bodies of the nutrients that they need to thrive and we are consuming a lot of food but in actuality starving ourselves of nutrients. So this is where the our battle begins. The line in the sand is drawn at the grocery store. There are many differing opinions on what exactly “clean eating” is. For me it means truly loving food and loving myself enough to fuel my body right. I love to eat. I love different flavors and I must have options. I love sweet, salty and spicy tastes. I need a plan that is sustainable for me and my family. I want my children to grow up having a good relationship with food and being open to trying new things. I don’t do diets or quick fixes.

So today I challenge YOU to adopt my 5 CLEAN EATING COMMANDMENTS for 21 days and see how you feel. 



  1. Do not eat processed foods. Grocery stores are filled with colorful packaged food like substances with taglines like “all natural”, “healthy”, “reduced fat” etc…These labels can deceive you into thinking that you are making good choices when in reality they can filled with harmful chemicals, additives, preservatives, not to mention the GMO’s in foods you are consuming. Do not sacrifice your health and nutrient value for convenience. This doesn’t mean never indulging in a forbidden snack but use the word OCCASIONAL very OCCASIONALLY 😉
  2. Take the extra time to prepare your own whole ingredients where possible. Shop the produce section and buy whole unprocessed vegetables where possible. Make your own sauces if you need them, buy meat from the butcher and not the pre-packaged stuff in the freezer section.
  3. No sodas. There are copious amounts of refined sugar and often lots of other chemicals in there.
  4. As a personal choice I recommend eating very little meat and dairy but when you do try to aim for grass fed meats and organic. Eating acidity high foods such as meats, dairy, grains, fast food, and processed food makes the body fight for that optimal alkaline level. If we are not eating enough alkaline forming foods then our bodies need to pull these important minerals from our bones, teeth and organs. This can compromise our immune system, cause fatigue and make us vulnerable to viruses and disease.
  5. Snack foods. We all want something salty sometimes or something sweet. Many of us have conditioned ourselves to eat certain things every day for comfort or when we’re stressed out. Make your own snacks. The vending machine is not your friend. Cut an apple and enjoy with natural nut butter. Measure out a serving of nuts, cut up some veggies and add a hummus dip. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Having these commandments have helped me to stick to a clean eating plan and be able to feel the results almost immediately.  By making them lifestyle commandments, you automatically begin to eat clean.

Are YOU ready to take on the challenge?  What foods would you like to cut out of your diet to help you “Go Clean”? What foods have you already removed and how do you feel for it?

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