Half Marathon Recap and Kids 1st Race

It’s been a while since I shared a race recap so it’s time to play catch up a little 😉 Since the spring I have raced in 3 half marathons. Here’s how they’ve gone down.


The first one was in April. It was the Scotia Bank Half Marathon and it was my first race of the season. Prior to that one I hadn’t raced since the fall (I’ve discovered that I’m really not a snow runner nor do I enjoy running on the hamster wheel) so this was my “get back into it” race. I trained for a few weeks on and off, not really taking it seriously though. It was a busy time for me with work and I went into the race just aiming to finish in one piece. The course was fun, we got to run on the Formula 1 circuit and throughout the Olympic Basin. Areas that you don’t normally get to access so it was really enjoyable. And as it tuns out, I did pretty well and surprised myself by maintained my time of 2:20 that I had achieved back in the fall. The weather was still cold at the time and I figured that my time was due in part to not overheating.


Then came half marathon #2, this one was in June and it was HOT!! It was a local race in my neighborhood and that made it really fun. My training was better this time but still not what it had been in the fall. Yet surprisingly I managed another similar race time of 2:21. The heat was a factor for sure and even though it’s running in the heat is harder with respect to cardio, I love hot weather running because I find I have less muscle pain. Seems like the heat helps to warm me up!


This brings me to half marathon #3 in August-just last weekend actually. My training could still have been more regular but I did get in a training run of 18km just 5 days before the race which left me feeling very confident. So confident that I decided to enter my kids in their first race ever of 1km. Now….I had to be confident in order to enter them because it meant my race time needed to be sub 2:30 in order to make it back in time to be there for my kids. I figured after my two previous halfs of 2:20 it would be simple. Yep, I’m a crazy momma and I thrive under pressure!

So it went down like this….my race started at 8:30am, so I got there early but had hubby and kids plan to come on their own later. I didn’t want the kids getting too tired before their race at 11:30am. The course is along the Lachine canal and it is beautiful. The first part of the course is through the streets of the village and the second leg of the race is along a beautiful bike path next to the water. So what was the issue? The heat was high and the humidity was even higher. With almost 38 degrees humidity, it was stifling. The race began and out of nowhere so did the wind. Hot, sticky, stuffy gale force intensity WIND. The wind pushed myself and all the runners everywhere but where we wanted to go. At times we ran with our heads bowed all the way down pushing right into the wind. It was brutal. I knew early on that I wasn’t going to make my usual time and I was panicking. What if I missed the start of my kids race? They would be so upset! Plus I knew I needed to run with my daughter as she’s only 5 yrs old and would get lost in the sea of people running. I had to make it. So I pushed through the pain and finally made it with a few minutes to spare. I crossed the finish line at my worst time ever of 2:30. However I was greeted by a very enthusiastic hubby who was worried he may otherwise have to run with the kids if I hadn’t make it back in time 😉


I was exhausted and in pain and lo and behold I had to run again….only 1 km sure…but with two kids who wanted to sprint the whole way!! Have you ever sprinted for 1km AFTER running a super hard 21.1km? Yeah…me neither and it was BRUTAL! However the smiles on my kids faces made it all worth it. Amazing how that happens right? My kids LOVED their race and actually did really well. Zach ran 1km in 6min and Chloe ran it in 7min.


Pretty darn good for their first time :)

So what are all these half marathons leading to? Yep, you guessed it. 42.2km at the end of September. Planning on running the Montreal marathon for the second time in just over a month. Hoping the weather will be cooler then! And in the meantime I need to up my training 😉

What was your BEST half marathon and your WORST? I would LOVE to hear all about it! Share your experience in the comments below :)

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    Massive well done on all THREE halfs, that last one sounded like torture, but you still managed to finish! Awesome job to your kids too! Future runners in the making!!
    I’ve only ran 2 halfs and luckily both were in dry, cool weather, perfect running weather! I’m about to start training for a Full Marathon (it’s not till May but I haven’t been running for months!!)

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