Healthier Substitutes for Daily Staples

The hardest part about clean eating is getting past the mental block of how to cook in a different way. Often we have been making our recipes the same way for years and possibly even for generations, especially when family favorites are handed down the line! However these days when so much of our food is processed and GMO filled, learning healthier substitutes for daily staples is actually essential for our long term health.

So where to start? The easiest way to start is to learn the basic substitutions. By having these new ingredients on hand in your kitchen then you can easily switch them in when following any recipe. Just Google the differences when calculating amounts and you’re good to go!


Switch this for that!

Dairy Milk: Almond Milk

Bread Crumbs: Rolled Oats

Sour Cream: Greek Yogurt

Sugar: Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, Applesauce, Stevia

Butter: Coconut Oil

All Purpose Flour: Almond Flour

Cornstarch: Arrowroot

White Rice: Quinoa

White Potatoes: Sweet Potatoes

Pasta: Spaghetti Squash

Table Salt: Sea Salt

Salad Dressing: Olive Oil

Ground Beef: Ground Turkey

Clean eating doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or impossible. Many of these substitutions will go unnoticed by your family and those that are obvious are changes for foods that have much richer flavors. It’s possible that your family will enjoy these new foods even more! So don’t hold back, start substituting today!

A common family favorite is Shepperd’s Pie. For many it’s a quick & easy home cooked meal. However ground beef, white potatoes and corn are really not very healthy. A clean eating version of this old favorite would be to use sweet potatoes, lean ground turkey mixed with kidney beans and fresh green peas.

It just takes a little creativity and planning to update your meal times from old time standards to fresh, healthy clean eating!

Do you have a favorite healthy food substitute? Post in the comments to share your clean eating tips with our community!

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