5 Small Ways to Start Clean Eating

We all want to live healthy lives but it’s not always easy to know where to start. At times clean eating can come off as difficult, time consuming and expensive. However if you know a few tricks it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a quick and easy little challenge for those of you just getting started.


  1. WATER

It’s cheap, takes zero time to make and will boost your energy the more you do it. It’s simply just drinking water! Cut out soft drinks, juices and as much coffee as you can. Start by watering down or replacing 1 drink a day with a glass of water, then 2, then 3 until water becomes your go to thirst quencher.


We teach it to our kids but we don’t always do it ourselves. Eating veggies is a crucial part of clean eating. Again start small. Aim to have 1 serving of green vegetables per meal. Need help? Have a green juice for breakfast (there’s tons of amazing recipes online), include a green salad with your lunch and a side of green veggies with dinner.


Would love to say cut it all out, but let’s be realistic. The goal is to make small changes that you will actually stick to. Aim to eat food in its natural form as much as possible. Eat actual apples and pears instead of the ones that come in a can. Forgo the frozen dinners. Basically, if it comes in a package or has its own commercial on TV there’s a good chance you shouldn’t be eating it!


Your favorite recipe calls for sugar? Use stevia or applesauce. Need butter for baking? Try coconut oil. Used to using sour cream? Try plain Greek yogurt instead. The idea is to find a healthier version so you can still enjoy the foods you love.


Start reading labels. Know what’s in your food. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients or need to Google them to find out what they are, chances are they don’t fit on any clean eating chart. Don’t blindly believe what is presented to you. Some of the unhealthiest options are packaged with words like “natural” & “fat free”. Take your health into your own hands and educate yourself.

Clean eating can be simple if you stick to the basics. The trick is to start small. Making huge changes too quickly will only results in giving up before you get the chance to reap the benefits. 1 small change per week will give you confidence and not disrupt your life too much. Keep stacking on 1 small change per week and before you know it, a year will have gone by and you will have added 52 clean eating techniques to your life!

So when will you start YOUR clean eating challenge? Need some help getting started? Just ask me!

Have your own clean eating tips? Share! I’d love to hear them :)


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