Back on Track

HELLOOOOO!!!! So clearly it’s been a while! Apologies to my readers and to the blogging gods.  It’s been quite the journey lately, therefore the timing of this post is quite befitting of it’s title. We all fall off track sometimes but the key is learning how to get back up and start again. So this is where I’m at.

I often find myself counseling others on how to begin again. Whether it’s to begin again after letting their nutrition go by the wayside or after a long hiatus from their work outs. The one thing that everyone has in common in those moments is their reluctance to start again. It’s HARD to keep starting over. Why? Because the beginning of anything new is never pretty. It’s frustrating sometimes to the point of discouraging and in the case of fitness, very, very sweaty!!

Also once you feel you far enough off track, we start to justify the bad habits that we have let sneak back in to our lives. We say things like Well I’m already off schedule so it won’t hurt to push it a little more or I’ll start again on Monday! -how many Mondays have you said that?

So for me it was blogging but what is it for you? What do you need to start again that you have let go in recent times? Did you make a promise to yourself that you have since broken? What about those New Years Resolutions from January? Hmmm….I’ll venture a guess and say that chances are that everyone has something they need to take up again. So figure out what it is for you and then make it a MUST. If you MUST do it then you will. If you SHOULD, then you probably won’t.

So today is the day where I put a stop to starting over. Once and for all, I’m back. It’s a MUST.




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