7 Day Sparkling Water Challenge

I’ve always been a big advocate for drinking water. Just like everyone else, I’m well aware of the rule that says we should aim to drink my 6-8 glasses of water per day or more depending on your activity level.  I do my best to reach these goals each day because when I get it right, I feel so much better! However, I admit that it does get tedious at times and I do struggle some days more than others. So when I was approached to try the 7 day sparkling water challenge with Nestle Pure Life, I was eager to see if it would help me in my quest to drink more water.

The challenge seemed simple enough. Every day for 7 days switch out one of your regular drinks (juice, coffee, soft drink etc…) and have a sparkling water instead. The reality is, change is hard. This is often why so many people who aim to make big changes in their health and fitness, often abandon their efforts after only a short time. It’s not because they’ve changed their minds, it’s simply because the change that they took on was just too big. So the key is small simple changes that are easy to integrate into daily life. It’s been proven that small changes becomes habits and that is the key to maintaining those changes long term. When you actually start to see and feel the success from those small changes, it becomes easier to keep the momentum going and for your habits to change permanently.

So, I did it. I took on the #ReThinkYourDrink 7 Day Sparkling Water Challenge. The first few days were all about trying the different flavors. I started with lemon, then lemon/lime, mango, orange, raspberry/lime and even the original option with no added flavor. Although I enjoyed many of them (especially the orange and raspberry) ultimately my favorite was the lemon/lime. I enjoyed the tart fresh taste that came with the mix of the two citrus fruits. With zero calories, zero sugar and zero sodium I was more than happy to add this new refreshing drink to my routine! I found that it was easy to switch out my afternoon iced tea for a sparkling water and by the end of the challenge I was having more than just one a day out of sheer enjoyment :)


I loved feeling like I had options, especially in the late afternoon when symptoms of fatigue tend to hit. Often drinking water all day can become a little tedious. Having a flavored sparkling water to switch to later in the day made me feel like I had more variety but still gave me all the benefits of good hydration.

There were also some unexpected benefits that happened over the course of this challenge. Because I chose to make healthier choices, my children started to notice and ask questions. They became very interested in how and why water is so good for the body and they soon began to ask to drink more of it themselves! Even my husband has joined me on the sparkling water bandwagon! He has always enjoyed soft drinks so switching out a few of those to a flavored sparkling water has been a great health bonus for him.


The challenge was only supposed to be for 7 days but I have continued ever since and now Nestle Pure Life sparkling water is a regular item on my family’s grocery list!

I encourage everyone to try out the challenge for themselves and see how a small change once a day can really help make long term healthy changes in your overall health and wellness. And if that is not a big enough incentive…. Nestle Pure Life is inviting everyone to enter an amazing contest!!

Step #1 is to take on the 7 day challenge 😉 Then to enter the contest, simply write a few words about what’s behind your desire to make some wellness changes in your life. Things like drinking more water and what drinking water means to you.

Then share your Water Wisdom at www.sparkling7daychallenge.ca and you’re automatically entered to WIN! You and a friend could be spending a $2,000 weekend in Toronto’s luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, dining at top ten rated Cafe Boulud, pampering in Toronto’s newest luxury spa and more! Plus just for entering you will receive a coupon to SAVE$3 on a 12 can case of Nestle Pure Life Sparkling Water. Contest opens April 29th 2016 and runs until June 10th 2016. So start your challenge today and enter!!

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