This past week I was honored to attend the launch party for the Montreal based company ZIGGIT.  ZIGGITS are emoji clip on accessories that jazz up pretty much everything you can think of! They are so unique and unlike anything I had ever seen before.  The idea is to personalize your style and express your individuality by clipping on  little stainless steel emoji to jewelry, clothing straps, purses and my personal favorite running shoe laces!


These little clips are very durable and fun! I loved the way they can dress up an ordinary item and turn a common item into something totally unique. They are an absolute must have accessory no matter what your style is.

So how does that founder of ZIGGIT describe her product? “It’s like texting, but without a phone,” said Cindy Taylor, who has spent months planning and working with her design team to dream up The Originals, the First Collection of fashion-forward Ziggits and Zicons offering anyone the opportunity to be as unique, exclusive, or zany as they please.


The evening was a perfect representation of the product. Fun, hip and filled with color, vibrance and most of all tons of personal expression. There was champagne, tasty treats and even a lip sync battle with amazing prizes!



It didn’t take me long to jazz up my runners with a little bling! With my first half marathon of the season coming up at the end of this month, my running shoes needed a little boost and ZIGGITS were the perfect fit 😉


These slick little fashion statements are now available for purchase online and come in a variety of stylized, ready-made kits with three different colors to choose from, depending what mood you’re in. They can also be purchased piece-by-piece, and for those who know exactly what it is they want to tell the world, the site allows customers to type in any message they want, to create their very own custom Ziggit kit. Also choose from an entertaining array of multicolored Zicon emoji clips with which to punctuate your statements. Either way, Ziggit will shift the conversation from your keyboard to your clothing!

Montrealers stay tuned…..the “Find Your Style”  Ziggit Hunt will be starting soon over a period of 10 weeks across Montreal landmark locations. Prizes include, tickets to JUSTIN BIEBER,  SELENA GOMEZ, season passes to LA RONDE, 3 day passes to OSHEAGA, season passes for PIKNIC ELECTRONIQUE, tickets to ILE SONIQ. More details will be released next week on FACEBOOK @ziggitstyle

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      Hi Bianca,

      Yes it really does work wonders! Personally I love compression socks for longer distances. I usually wear them for a few hours following a half marathon for quick recovery as well as while running marathons. Helps keep the lactic acid to a minimum while running and makes for much quicker recovery all around. Shorter distances I don’t find a need for it.

      Hope this helps you!

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