Done With Winter

Technically, the winter has been amazing in Montreal this year. We didn’t have snow until just after Christmas. We’ve had many mild days and even weeks since then. Mild of course being minus 5 to zero degrees Celsius. You would think this makes me happy right? Wrong.

I’ve recently come to realize that it’s just not enough for me. I need the sun and I need warmth! I feel guilty for saying this after such a mild winter but it’s hit me hard this year and I can’t deny that I want out. It for sure doesn’t help that my 4 year old daughter keeps saying things like I don’t like winter Mama…when’s summer coming back? I’ve never met a four year old who has zero interest in snow. Show that kid a snowsuit and she cries huge alligator tears within seconds.

Seems like everyone is tired and cranky on cold, grey winter days. People all over the place seem more likely to get upset, be on edge and create drama. The streets are dirty, the cars are dirty even my lovely UGGS are dirty, it’s all just gross. Having friends who live in warm places doesn’t help either. I often open my social media pages and see friends running along the beach, sipping wine on their porch and taking selfies in shorts and sandals.

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What gets me the most though are the people who have traded in their northern homes for a permanent life on the beach. The laptop lifestyle crowd seems to be growing by the second. Everywhere I turn I see couples and families with young children who have created massive change in their lives. People who used to have a typical 9-5 lifestyle and gave it all up for a relaxed, slower paced way of life in the sun. I watch them and I can’t deny that I dream of doing the same.

I try really hard to be upbeat and positive. I workout every day which really does help my mindset. Also, as of January 1st I start counting down till spring. Only 3 months to go! I tell myself daily with a smile :) Winter never used to bother me the way it does now. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe after 37 years of winter, I’ve just capped out?

At the end of this month we are taking the kids to Disney for a week and I can.not.wait. I am craving warmer temperatures like never before. Just the idea of leaving my boots and coat at home makes me giddy with delight! My little summer baby asked me the other day if winter would be gone by the time we came back from Florida. It pained me to tell her that it wouldn’t.

So all this leads me to wonder… if I could ever find a way to make that move to a warmer climate, would I actually do it? I know I would if I was single. In a heartbeat, no further thought required. However with a hubby, 2 little kids and a family business that is deeply rooted in the local community I’m not so sure that I ever could. Which then leads me to wonder if I’m throwing away the possibility of a life that was really meant for me?

So much to consider….but for now I will have to contend with one or maybe two week long vacations scattered across the year. Although, I suppose step #1 would be to start taking longer vacations and taking them more often!

Baby steps 😉

Have you ever considered making a permanent move to a warmer climate?

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