Creating Better Habits

About six months ago I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. There were many insightful moments in that book but what struck me the most was the concept of trying something new each month and slowly stacking up new habits instead of trying to change a lot at once. So I decided to give it a try!

I haven’t yet planned out what new habits I will aim to adopt or old ones I wish to drop for each and every month of the year, I’m just taking it one month at a time.

This month (January) I adopted the new habit of waking up at 5am and I have done this for seven days a week, all month long. I only skipped this new habit twice, both times due to a combination of going to sleep way too late and being woken up several times with “emergencies” like lost socks and bathroom visits from my little one 😉

What were the techniques I used to make it happen?

  • Earlier bedtime. I committed to ending my evening and being in bed by 9:30 or 10pm latest.
  • Each evening as I went to bed I focused on my wake up call. When it came, I immediately thought about my reasons why. What are they? Time alone to get in my workout without work distractions or mommy guilt and how feeling energized after a workout makes me happier and my day more productive :)
  • Writing it down on my calendar and scheduling the process into my day.
  • Rewarding myself with my favorite energy boosting shake if I completed my task. I made myself a deal that I would only drink my shake on days when I got up and worked out at 5am. No workout, no shake. I really love my shakes! And I was very irritable on the two days when I didn’t allow myself to have one.

These techniques have really worked for me and this habit has gone from being difficult to manageable to enjoyable. It’s definitely one that I will be keeping as I move forward into February.

Speaking of February…it’s only a few days away and I have been thinking about what my new habit will be. There are many things that interest me but I have finally settled on a choice. I’m bringing back an old habit: writing in my journal every night. My commitment to this habit has been on and off. I have at times been consistent for months and other times not written for months. The results I have had in the past from journaling has always been better insight, gratitude and self-awareness. Therefore I am recommitting to this practice every evening for the month of February 2016. I hope to gain the same sense of peacefulness, gratitude and awareness that I have experienced in the past and continue with this habit permanently.


What habits do you have that are non negotiable for you?

Have you adopted any new ones lately?

Any habits you plan on dropping?

Share in the comments below :)

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