Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I have my workout routine pretty set. Running is by far my first love but I also do various combinations of yoga, Pilates and most recently started lifting weights. I normally work out from home and only occasionally do group classes. This past week however, I was invited by a friend to really get out of my comfort zone and attend a circuit training style class at CoreXcellence, a local Montreal fitness center. There was a time in my life where this would have totally intimidated me and I probably would have said no or even worse cancelled at the last minute. However I am not that person any more. This time, I was excited to try something new and see what I could learn :)


The trainer had some pretty high expectations and was very focused on proper form which was really great. Right from the first exercise I started learning new things. How to have the correct posture for each movement, how to breathe through it and the most exciting to me was trying out pull ups for the first time. This last one was intense! With much less upper body strength than lower, this was by far the hardest exercise for me.

This experience reinforced the importance of getting out of one’s comfort zone. I’ve known this for a while and aim to do it in many aspects of my daily life but in terms of fitness, this was a first. I had never done any exercises like these before and they were very challenging! Challenge is a great thing though. It’s very easy to get stuck in your favorite fitness routine and not push yourself to achieve more. Eventually that routine becomes easy and we all enjoy the feeling of being on top of our game. However to achieve real growth, one needs to be challenged.

I really impressed by the great mix of professionalism and fun that the trainer provided. CoreXcellance is know for training some highly skilled local athletes but they also cater to the average person as well. They really provided me with a fabulous first experience and the desire to continue stepping out of my fitness comfort zone more often!


If you’re local and would like more information on their group or private training programs please contact

When was the last time you did something new and got out of your comfort zone?

What does your typical workout routine look like?

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    Love this!!!!! I’m very much about trying new things my newest fitness first was a weight lifting class which I was really scared about and ended up loving it!!!

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      Thanks!! Weights are actually so fun once you get over the mental block about lifting! So many girls are afraid to try. Good for you for going for it and loving it!!

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