Becoming a #Fitmom

How did I become a #fitmom? When I first began my journey into fitness, many friends and family members did not really think I was serious about the whole thing. The assumed it was a phase, a resolution and it wouldn’t really change me. But it did. It changed everything.

After 2 years I can say this. I workout because it makes me feel good. Plain and simple. It makes me feel strong, powerful, happy, confident and in control. It gives me an opportunity to grow and challenge myself to be better each day. My commitment to fitness is symbolic to my commitment to everything else in my life. I am a better mother, wife and overall person when I keep the commitments that I made to myself.

I am a runner. I started out walking around the block and can now say that I am now a marathoner. I believe that I truly found myself out on the road and for that I always be grateful. Running is a part of me and I can see myself running well into old age. I also cross train with yoga and weight lifting.


After fitness came the jump into clean eating. Learning to eat as a long distance runner and learning to adopt clean eating on a regular basis not just for myself but my whole family. Food became fun and exciting. I began to notice how food affected me. The foods that gave my body energy versus the foods that drained me.

Warm Salads

Then came coaching. After receiving the help from so many, I wanted to pay it forward and help others to make a difference in their lives. The decision to be a coach was easy but the rewards have been more than I ever could have imagined. My children now eat better than ever and they have learned by example that fitness is fun and rewarding. They join me on runs and in our home gym. It’s our time to connect and share something special together.

Coaching others and seeing them change their lives and become healthier, happier people has made me absolutely sure that becoming a #fitmom was what I was meant to do and who I was meant to be.

Wake up & Work Out

Do you workout? If so how has it changed you?

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  1. says

    Working out and running has made me appreciate and love my body, i used to be so hung up on how it looked and what I wanted to change about it (like most girls I suppose) now I just surprise myself everyday with what it can do!!!
    Great Post so motivational!!

    • says

      Thnx!! I totally agree. That’s exactly what working is all about. True beauty is appreciating and loving your body for what it can do. And once you get going, it’s pretty amazing to learn just how strong we are!!

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