Authentic Resolutions

So here we are at the beginning of a brand new year. Everyone is focused on the new habits they want to adopt and those they want to drop. I’m all for the clean slate, new approach on life that comes with a new year however this year more than ever I am aiming to focus my intentions on authenticity. Being open and authentic is not easy. Too often our ego gets in the way. We all want to portray an image of strength but true strength comes from letting ourselves be open and vulnerable.

It seems like making those infamous New Year’s Resolutions always come with lots of pomp & circumstance but not much substance. They are often nothing more than grand wishes that are thrown away at the first sign of a problem. So in light of this, I am aiming to fully commit to each one of my new plans and be authentic about the process. I vote for accepting right from the start that it’s normal to start out strong and then struggle. Life gets in the way and challenges will inevitably pop up. Instead of trying to pretend that thing’s are going smoothly, let’s take a step back in those moments and reevaluate. Maybe our reasons for why we started weren’t strong enough. Maybe we didn’t plan it out with enough attention to detail. Maybe we didn’t have a backup plan for when life kicked thing’s up a notch. Maybe we just plain failed and need to start over.

If we don’t accept the fact that change is hard we will never be able to fight that struggle and have a chance at winning the game. Instead of proclaiming our grandiose resolutions without any plans on how to turn them into true habits, let’s instead plan for the tough times and be authentic when about them when they’re happening.

One of my resolutions is to wake up at 5am and workout before the little people in my house are up. This by no means an easy plan for me. I have never been a morning person and I am quite capable of winning a gold medal in procrastination. Yet, here I am setting my alarm for 5am each day. Why? The reason is why is simple. If I don’t workout at 5am, I either procrastinate about my workout until the day is over and it’s still not done or I procrastinate with actual work using the excuse that I needed to workout! So there it is. 5am wake up and workout no matter what.

Resolutions are not only for January, they are for every time we fail and need to start again. For now all is good in my 5am world….but it is early days. My true resolution this year is to keeping working to keep my new habit no matter how many times I fail at it. Instead of throwing it away when I mess up and adding yet another unfulfilled habit to the pile of lost resolutions, I will be willing to accept the failure, be honest about it and be ready to start all over again. That to me is the definition of an authentic resolution.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year. May your 2016 be filled with much love and happiness.

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Do you make resolutions? If so share yours in the comments below! 


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      No worries!! Get back up and start again! Set that alarm and take on the day :) Saving $$ is a great goal too! I think everyone could add that one to their list for sure!! Happy New Year :)

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      Thank you!! I would never had considered myself a morning person but like anything else it will get easier with more time. The benefits really outweigh the discomfort!!

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    Getting a workout in first thing sets me up for the day and I know I feel better and eat better for it too, I just wish getting up was easier!!
    Small steps make huge changes!

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