5 Step Plan to December Holiday SUCCESS

Welcome to December! Today is the first day of the the last month of the year :) It’s an exciting, fun and festive time but it can also be a time of year when what was already not going well for you…. gets even worse.

  • You haven’t been sticking to your clean eating plan?
  • You haven’t worked out since before Thanksgiving?
  • You are disorganized and behind in your work?
  • You’ve already gone over budget and your holiday gift list is still not complete?

Well at least take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. For many of us, our year follows a plan like this one….

1st quarter: Resolution making time! Let’s work out, eat right, be more organized and…and…..and…You get the idea? This is a time that is filled with big plans and lots of excitement. The adrenaline rush of starting something new is fulfilling and energizing. Momentum begins to build and we are on a roll!

2nd quarter: Well, either we have already abandoned our plans by this point or are struggling to maintain them. Life has gotten in the way and we have tons of great excuses for why things are not going well. But let’s face it, they are just excuses. We have allowed ourselves to get off track because we weren’t really prepared to make big changes. Real change won’t happen until we do, and so we must be prepared to change our daily lives consistently and permanently.


3rd quarter: All right, time to get our second wind. We can do this! Back to basics and back to our goals. We buckle down and start again. Maybe even have a few small successes along the way. It feels good and we have hope. Unfortunately for us, we haven’t thought it all the way through and made the necessary changes in order to maintain this new lifestyle on a long term basis. So once again, we drop the ball.

4th quarter: Screw it, it’s over, we missed our targets. Whatever…. it doesn’t matter now anyway. The holidays are almost here. Let’s just enjoy ourselves and start over next year.

And the process repeats itself, year after year after year. So, what do you say to really being different this year? What if you could stop this endless cycle NOW and not wait until the new year? YOU CAN. You want a different results? Then break your patterns and do things differently.


It’s not too late to turn it around! Even with only 1 month in the year left you can still change EVERYTHING.

It is definitely possible to achieve BIG RESULTS during the hardest time of year but the question is…HOW?

Here’s an awesome 5 Step Plan to December Holiday SUCCESS.

Your personal goals may be health, work or relationship related but as health & fitness is the most common New Year’s goal, let’s use this as our example :)

1. Know your WHY

WHY do you want to do something different? Is it to get a head start on a new year? Is to inspire someone else? Is it because you’ve finally had enough of the same routine repeating itself over and over? Figure out your WHY and be specific about it.

CLEAN EATING “WHY”: Sticking to a clean eating plan in December is important to me because I don’t want to gain weight over the holidays and start a new year feeling sluggish, tired and begin my usual pattern all over again.

2. Make a PLAN

How will you make it happen? Plan it out on a daily and weekly basis and write it down on paper. What must you do each day to get closer to your goal. What must you have achieved by the end of each week?

CLEAN EATING “PLAN”: Every Sunday I will create a weekly meal plan. I will cook in advance and meal prep for each day the night before.


What do you need to do or stop doing in order to implement this plan? Which part of your day will it affect and how will you work with it or around it?

CLEAN EATING “IMPLEMENTATION”: In order to follow my plan, I will need to allocate X hours to meal planning and cooking on the weekend as well as 15-30 minutes each evening before bed to prep my food for the following day. I will take this time from the time I normally spend watching TV/surfing the net etc..

4. Schedule REWARDS

Plan to reward yourself for achieving small goals. Use holiday parties, family gatherings and all the fun festive activities as reward time. By doing this, you will never feel like you are missing out during holiday season. Basically this means using the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of the week you are on track and 20 percent of the time you can indulge. Moderation and not deprivation is the key here.

CLEAN EATING “REWARDS”: After following my clean eating plan all week, I can reward myself on the weekend or at the holiday office party/family reunion by enjoying small amounts of all my favorite indulgences. 


Announce your plan to someone else and ask for their support. Having to hold yourself accountable to an outside person or community will help you to stay on track.

CLEAN EATING “SUPPORT”: I will encourage my partner or friend to join me so we can hold each other accountable. If I cannot find someone in my immediate surroundings then I will join an online support group.

So there you have it! The perfect 5 Step Plan to December Holiday SUCCESS :) Apply it to your life today and make this holiday season different from

Decide today how you want YOUR last month of the year to be and follow the above plan to make it happen. It’s the best way to start 2016 early and it will set you on track for a new year unlike any other.

Hold yourself accountable RIGHT NOW and list your December Goals in the comments below!

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