My Little Runner

In this last week of mild fall weather I have aimed to get in as many runs as possible. My daughter seemed to have noticed because she announced on Sunday afternoon “Mama!! LET’S GO RUNNING!!!!”. We hadn’t gone for a run together in a while so I figured why not. It certainly wasn’t going to be enough of a run for me but I had planned to spend some one on one time with her that afternoon anyway and if this was what she wanted to do, no problem :)

She was so excited, she could barely wait to get dressed. She would have just bolted out the door in her jeans and socks if I had let her. Once we were dressed she knew the next step. Hydration!! She chose a small handheld water bottle and began to put on her shoes. She just may be the only runner who wears velcro strap, light up shoes!


As we stretched on the driveway and I cautioned her to not start out too fast. She tends to sprint until she crashes like a puppy if I don’t remind her. We headed down the street and around the block. No problem. She ran and chatted the the whole way. Then I let her choose the route and wow was I surprised! We ended up turning and twisting through streets of our neighborhood, found a bike path and followed it to the local park. Ran around the soccer field where she played all summer -with a quick stop to reenact a game where she had magically become the coach and I had to be the player 😉 and finally past the community pool and back to our house. All in all, she was quite the little runner! Chloe ran 1km without stopping and a total of 3km with combined walking and running. I might be a little biased but still, that’s not too shabby for a four year old!!




Best part though was spending the alone time with her and listening to her silly stories as we ran. This simple activity gave us quality time together, kept us active and was outdoors. Doesn’t get better that that! As the sun began to set and we headed home,  I admit to secretly hoping that Chloe and I would have many more runs together in the future.


I was not sporty at all as a kid, so when I see my daughter enjoying herself and being open to all types of physical activity, it makes me very happy. Her current loves are running, swimming, dancing, soccer, gymnastics and karate. With that list, I think she’ll have enough to choose from as she gets older!

What sports do your kids enjoy?

Do you still enjoy the same physical activities you did as a child?

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  1. says

    Cutest running post. Ever!
    What a great way to spend time with your daughter, bet she loved being just like you!
    I passed a girl running with a pushchair a few weeks ago, her little boy was shouting ‘faster mummy, faster!’
    …I wish my running shoes would light up 😉 xo

    • says

      Thnx Angela! Got to hand it to the mums running and pushing a stroller at the same time! And I agree, light up running shoes would make us all run faster :)

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