My Little Runner


In this last week of mild fall weather I have aimed to get in as many runs as possible. My daughter seemed to have noticed because she announced on Sunday afternoon “Mama!! LET’S GO RUNNING!!!!”. We hadn’t gone for a run together in a while so I figured why not. It certainly wasn’t going to […]

Winter Running from Home


It always happens at the end of racing season, the excitement is over and in it’s place is the beginning of chilling winds, icy roads and the eventual snow drifts. This year in Montreal, we have been lucky so far. The fall weather has been holding out for quite some time and fingers crossed it […]

Oka Half Marathon Recap


So there you have it, my 2015 racing season is over! This was by far both the hardest season to date and the most rewarding. I accomplished things that I never knew I could. I achieved PR’s that not too long ago seemed impossible and I continued to share my passion for running and fitness […]