Wanderlust a.k.a Mommy’s Recharge Day

Wanderlust….I am still dreaming of that beautiful day in the mountains.

Last Thursday I ran away to Mont Tremblant for a day of much needed “mommy time”. Wanderlust is known mostly as a yoga and music festival but really it is so much more. It’s actually a complete retreat that is focused on mindful living. Tons of classes to choose from, concerts to attend, speakers to listen to, delicious organic food to sample, fabulous vendors to shop at, basically everything you could ask for, all in a beautiful natural surrounding.


After a 5 am drive up north my day began with an early morning meditation class. The sound of a Tibetan Singing Bowl filled the room and I just melted into the floor. The class was called Meditation for Resetting Thought Patterns. The instructor taught techniques on how to remain calm during difficult situations and how to stop obsessing and reliving stressful times in our minds long after the moment has passed. The techniques were both physical and mental and included some beautiful mantras and incantations that felt easy to adapt and use again during regular life.

After such a calming beginning I was off to fuel up for a late morning trail run. So many vegan/organic options in Tremblant! Who knew? I finally settled on a hemp, nut butter smoothie and an energy ball.


Then it was off to meet up with the runners. Although Wanderlust had taken over much of the Tremblant village, we were not alone there. Tons of tourists and family friendly activities made me miss my little ones despite my eagerly anticipated “alone time”. I actually spent at least 30 minutes texting pictures to my husband and driving him crazy about how we needed to bring the kids here.

Wanderlust 2

Running time! So truth be told I was a little intimidated at first. The instructors were an insanely fit couple who travel the world racing ultra marathons, triathalons, ironmans and ultramans- is there even such a thing? After their introduction I wanted to start running…running away! However they consoled the group (who thankfully looked about as shell shocked as I felt) that today would just be an easy 10km run. So off we went. It was a beautiful path that included a deep forest trail for about half the run. Crazy challenging due to the hills but the beautiful surroundings really made up for the exploding lung feeling in my chest (!) All joking aside, yes it was hard, really hard. Clearly I don’t do hills enough! However I truly enjoyed it and the best part was when we ran right into Bambi. She was nibbling on leaves right next to the path. Completely unfazed by the runners and bikers that kept whizzing by. So serene, so perfect.

Wanderlust 3

Post run I changed my clothes, grabbed my mat and headed to yoga. I was able to stretch out my sore aching body in an amazing Ashtanga yoga class. It was challenging both in terms of flexibility and strength but truly perfect after a tough run. Absolute bliss.

And of course before jumping back in the car to drive home to reality, I stopped off at the vendors and purchased a few pretty things….bracelets from Fay With Love and a tank top from Karmala.

Overall my Wanderlust experience was truly amazing and I wished I could have stayed longer. It’s actually a four day festival and I have already planned on clearing my schedule for all four days next year! Seriously though don’t just take my word for it, find the closest Wanderlust festival in your town and just go. You will not regret it. It’s the perfect mommy getaway!


I’d love to hear from you! 

  • Ever attended a festival like this?
  • What have you done lately to recharge your batteries?
  • Do you consider yourself to more yogi or runner?


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