Mom? Mommy? Mama? Mom!!

Moms Put Themselves Last

It starts the minute that baby pops out. All of sudden you are no longer top dog. No one cares if you’ve eaten, slept, relaxed or gone to bathroom. It’s all about the baby. As it should be right? Only problem is that this newborn reality seems to never..go..away! All of a sudden you find yourself with school age kids and you are still the last in line to eat, sleep, relax and go to bathroom! What has happened? Well it seems we train ourselves and everyone around us to call for mom first and foremost.

Mom! Where’s my sweater?

Mom! Come here I need you!!

Mom! Where are you???

Mom! I can’t find my favorite XYZ

Mom! Mom? Mom!!!!!

So on one hand this is okay….because well….let’s face it-dads are great but they’re not moms. Dads are worse than the kids at finding lost items, dads have no clue about favorite sweaters, teddy bears and toys. And the big one…..Dads will NEVER forgo a trip to the bathroom when someone is crying!

Well the buck stops here! I have recognized the problem and am solving it. At least for 1 day anyway 😉 Tomorrow I am taking the day for myself and going to Wanderlust Tremblant. If you haven’t heard of this amazing event, you must check it out ASAP. This is a festival unlike any other. Meditation, trail runs, hiking, biking, yoga, speakers and live music for four straight days all in the beautiful surroundings of Mont-Tremblant. A complete celebration of mindful living.

Granted I am only able to attend for one day instead of four however I am going to love an appreciate every minute of my special day. I love my family but sometimes a mama’s got to have some time alone. So that’s what I’m doing. I am leaving everyone behind and I am going. Alone. The excitement is overwhelming :)



Full Wanderlust recap to come ASAP!!


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  1. runninrocker says

    Exciting! Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to your recap and to find out if you really do leave after 1 day #runawaymom

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