Inspiring Healthy Habits

Ever notice that the more you talk about running, the more the people around you eventually become interested? In the beginning everyone tends to nod their heads and remark how interesting your new hobby is….but eventually they do take notice. When? When they can really see the changes in you. All of a sudden you have a few races under your belt and maybe you’re working towards a really big one. Then when your body really starts to change, it seems that everyone wants to know what you did and how you did it.


I’ve been running now for almost 2 years. Like many people I started at a very basic level with the Couch to 5 km app. I have now raced 5 and 10km multiple times and the furthest distance I have reached in training is 23km. By the time the official 2 year mark hits, I will have completed my first marathon. As well, as soon as I started running about 10km, I noticed that I needed to eat differently. Food affected my ability to run, my energy levels, pretty much everything. In the last 4 months I have drastically changed my eating habits and have lost over 10lbs doing so. So yes, now people are taking notice and wanting to know the details. Friends, family and even acquaintances have begun asking questions. I am happy to talk about it and even more excited when someone I know wants to try it out for themselves. Inspiring healthy habits in others has actually turned out to be a huge inspiration for me as I work towards my own goals.

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A few months back a good friend of mine really started to focus on her training; she changed her eating habits, raced her first 5km and now her training has made it to the 10km milestone. She is super focused and has been maintaining really amazing consistency in her runs. The best part is that she is seeing the same results that I have! Weight loss, higher energy levels and increased ability in her runs. She tells me that she was motivated by the results I was having and wanted to try it out for herself.

Then just this last week, my brother-in-law was told by doctors that he is borderline type 2 diabetic. If he doesn’t change his habits, he will have diabetes within a short time. Thankfully he has agreed to start changing his eating habits and will be joining me for his very first walk/run later this week.

I am not a doctor, nutritionist or even a running coach. However, I do a lot of research, read a lot of books and try to learn from the experts. I have found methods that work for my body and follow the health guidelines that I have learned along the way. I have also adapted what I have learned to fit my personal lifestyle and have started to truly listen to what my body needs both in terms of nutrition and in training.

I have found it incredibly inspiring to watch others achieve the same results that I have. It makes me want to train harder and make better food choices. I am so grateful for my running and healthy eating journey and am truly inspired by watching others do the same.

For my friends, family and anyone else who wants to start this journey; I am happy to be there to encourage you, support you and be your accountability partner if you’ll be mine.  My hope is that we all continue to feel and experience the joy & health benefits of running and eating well. But most importantly that we are able to live healthier and stronger lives because of it.

Cheers to running and being healthy!


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    Wonderful! Like you, I’m not a fitness professional but I’ve discovered that food and training go hand in hand. Fuel is so essential to nourish the body for goals.
    Congratulations on all your miles. So inspiring!

  2. says

    The hardest part for me is nutrition, I’m usually not too bad, I know exactly what I SHOULD eat I’ll do well for a couple of weeks then I’ll go on holiday, have an event to attend or someone’s birthday then it’s all…’I’ll start over Monday’

    • says

      Yes I hear you! I do the same. That’s why I like the idea of a weekly cheat day. Once a week I plan to cheat and eat whatever I want. Then I start fresh the next day :)

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