Update on Quitting Coffee!

Almost four months ago I did something that I never thought I’d do….I quit coffee cold turkey. I had just returned from a weekend seminar where I had learned among other things, a lot about the body’s levels of acidity and alkalinity. It struck a chord with me and I decided to switch my morning (and afternoon!) coffee habit to lemon water. This certainly wasn’t the first time I had quit coffee. I had done the same during both my pregnancies and although I hated every second of it, I made it through. This time was different though….why? The magic answer was in the lemon water. Learn the details of the 2.5 weeks that followed my last cup of Joe here!

Lemon Water blog post

So now here we are. The 4 month update on quitting coffee! Previously I had never been known for my ability to stick something out. I have made tons of resolutions, plans, lists, schedules and more. I’ve resolved to quit this, start doing that, include this and throw out that. You name it I’ve planned it, tried it and promptly dropped it after a few weeks. So no one was more surprised than me that I have been able to keep to this new no coffee lifestyle.

That’s not to say I haven’t cheated at all though 😉  I most certainly have! I have cheated with exactly four cups of coffee over the four months since I quit my habit of 4-6 cups a day. Each time I caved, it was because of the smell. The smell of freshly brewed coffee on most days is manageable for me. I can usually admit that I love the smell but am also quickly reminded of how I feel after drinking it. On the occasions that I have allowed myself a cup of Joe, I definitely did enjoy those first few sips! They were warm, sweet, creamy and comforting….. However it didn’t take long for something to change. As I would continue to drain the cup, the taste would slowly become less appealing to me. Bitterness filled my taste buds, heaviness filled my body and my energy began to drain. The initial high of the caffeine wore off so quickly and left me feeling like I needed a nap more than ever. It was awful and it reminded me of why I quit coffee in the first place!


The benefits of switching to lemon water have truly been amazing. Over the last four months, I’ve been drinking lemon water first thing in the morning and all day long. I have more energy than ever, my skin is clear and glowing like never before, my running has greatly improved with the all day long hydration and I sleep so much better! The list goes on but really the most amazing thing is that this was not just an experiment or a resolution. It’s that it has become a major lifestyle change, with truly much less effort than I would have ever imagined.

Are you a die hard coffee drinker? 

If so would you consider trying lemon water at least some of the time?

What lifestyle changes have you made that were successful for you?

Share your experiences below!


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  1. says

    I love coffee and I have 1-2 cups a day.
    But, I also start and end the day with warm lemon water. Maybe they cancel each other out?!! Lol!
    I became a vegetarian 7 years ago and haven’t cheated once.

    • mtlrunnermom@gmail.com says

      Lol! Maybe they do! Awesome job going veggie for so long without cheating. I aim to be mostly vegetarian/vegan depending on the moment but still include the occasional meat dish (not more than twice a month) if it is something special and very worth it!

  2. says

    I’ve heard of people switching to lemon water, but have not personally tried it myself. I don’t think I want to quit coffee but maybe this would be good to add to my routine :)

    • mtlrunnermom@gmail.com says

      Cutting out coffee is not for everyone but adding in lemon water can only be beneficial! Try it out and maybe you will end up drinking more water than coffee :) Let me know how it goes!

    • mtlrunnermom@gmail.com says

      Thanks so much Laura! 1 or 2 coffees occasionally is not the end of the world though. Everything in moderation is a good motto!

  3. says

    I can’t imagine quitting coffee. You think I have HANGRY problems. It’d be even worse without the morning coffee. That’d be COFFANGRY. Oh goodness I can’t even!

    • mtlrunnermom@gmail.com says

      Lol! Too funny :) I thought I’d be like that too but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought. Still love the smell of a fresh brew though!

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