Managing Mommy Time


When my kids are screaming, my husband is complaining and the phone is ringing all at the same time I sometimes just stare off into the abyss and silently scream in my head…I NEED MOMMY TIME! Can anyone relate? 😉     So how do I manage my Mommy Time? Well let’s be honest, the […]

Inspiring Healthy Habits

Ever notice that the more you talk about running, the more the people around you eventually become interested? In the beginning everyone tends to nod their heads and remark how interesting your new hobby is….but eventually they do take notice. When? When they can really see the changes in you. All of a sudden you […]

5 Reasons Every Runner Should Practice Yoga

IMG_6365 (1)

Maybe you’re not a yogi. Maybe you hate stretching or sitting still. Maybe even you don’t have time for anything else besides running? Maybe you’re thinking about this all wrong… Runners like every other athlete MUST be stretching, in fact they NEED to be stretching in order to become better  at their sport. Stretching improves […]

Update on Quitting Coffee!


Almost four months ago I did something that I never thought I’d do….I quit coffee cold turkey. I had just returned from a weekend seminar where I had learned among other things, a lot about the body’s levels of acidity and alkalinity. It struck a chord with me and I decided to switch my morning […]