Osh Kosh & Carters Kids Fashion Show

So today’s post is not about fitness or running but it is about my two other passions: kids and shopping!

Okay moms, time for some quick thinking! Can you name a brand of children’s clothing that has THE cutest styles, never wears out AND is one that we waited a long time for here in Montreal? That’s right, it’s Carters & Osh Kosh! I remember just two years ago going on shopping trips to the US and then to Ottawa, where I would stock up on these brands long before they came to Montreal. No more! Online or in store we now have access to everything Carters & Osh Kosh have to offer!

So although we are just starting to enjoy the beginning of summer, fashion as always is a season ahead. Last week I had the honor of being invited to the Carters & Osh Kosh presentation of the 2015 back to school fashions. As a mom who A: has dressed her kids in these brands since they were infants and B: just plain loves to shop -I was super excited!


Carters & Osh Kosh


So many cute designs from jeggings to letter shirts, hoodies and even adorable shoes! These kids were decked out in it all. Every look for every style was showcased, there were mini hipsters, little preppy dudes and mini fashion divas. All in super cute outfits that are reasonably priced AND wash n’ wear. What more can a mom ask for?

These are my personal favorites that I will be purchasing for my little monkeys Zach & Chloe.


My Back to School Favorites!


So mommies, head out to a store near you or shop online  today! Carters & Osh Kosh have so many cute items to choose from! What will your favorites be? Check it out and let me know!

Happy Shopping! :)



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