Safety Identification Products

Safety Identification Products

Last week I received an envelope in my mailbox from Who Am I? ID Products. They are a local Montreal company who specializes in making safety identification products for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Their products can be used by runners, cyclists, skiers, hikers or really pretty much anyone who wants an easy way to identify themselves should an emergency occur.

I am always happy to try out new products in exchange for an honest review and these were not only practical but fun and easy to use. I received a complimentary LED slap bracelet and ID band. In each there is a pull out tab where you can write as much information as you wish. Just use an ultra fine Sharpie to add your name, contact info, address, emergency phone number, blood type, allergies or any other medical info. The info strip is waterproof and slides easily back into the bracelet or ID band.

These safety identification products are all fluorescent and fit easily over any outdoor clothing and gear. The slap bracelet can be worn on the wrist, arm, ankle or even rolled up and added to a backpack or the handlebars of a bike. Super convenient!

Safety Identification Products -Slap Bracelet

Both the slap bracelet and the identification band provide great visibility at night with their flashing LED lights. They come with a battery in each band which is easy to change when it fades out.

Safety Identification Products -LED ID band

Who Am I? ID Products mission is to offer products that provide EASY ACCESS to VITAL INFORMATION in case of emergencies. If something happens to you….we want that the person who will assist you will know exactly what to do or say at the 911 emergency services. We also want to prevent accidents by giving more visibility (with some of our products) to everybody doing their activities at night, providing them with two things: BE KNOWN, BE SEEN!

After using these safety identification products for myself on a few evening runs I started thinking that these would also be great safety products to use in other situations. On vacation with the kids for example! My family and I are planning a trip to Disney next winter and I was thinking that a slap bracelet with ID would be a great thing to give the kids at the theme park. After all anything with LED lights is a fun accessory for them to wear at night as we tour the parks. With summer coming and so many outdoor festivals, theme parks and other events, watching over the kids and keeping them safe in a crowd is always a concern for parents. My kids were already asking to wear them just because of the bright colors and flashing lights so why not consider them as a safety accessory for the whole family?

Watch this video to see Who Am I? ID Products in action :)

So next time you head outside for your workout, take a minute to think about your safety and visibility!  Who Am I ID Products are available in stores around Montreal and online. I encourage you to pick one up today and stay safe!

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