Creative Salad Ideas!

Suggest eating more salad and many people will say they feel bored and unsatisfied just thinking about it! However it doesn’t have to be that way. Peruse online sources such as Pinterest for creative ideas and you can start making salads an exciting and eagerly anticipated meal in your home!

Do even the most minimal research into healthy food ideas and you will see that eating fresh “live” foods are always on the menu. Add more of these to your diet and you will see your energy levels increase, bloating decrease along with weight loss and overall fitness levels attained more easily and quickly.

There are so many health benefits to making salad a regular part of your day and so many ways to do it. Salad doesn’t have to mean iceberg lettuce, cucumber and a tomato anymore!

Meal Salads 

Yes you CAN eat salad as a meal and not feel hungry 5 minutes later! It’s all about what you put in your salad and how you choose to combine your food. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Include protein! Protein can be fish, lean meat or a veggie alternatives like tofu, chick peas, quinoa or beans.
  • Eat the rainbow! Veggies of all colors should be represented in your salad.
  • Use leftovers! Pull from last night’s dinner and add the leftovers to your lunchtime salad.

Here are some delicious meal salad ideas, guaranteed to satisfy!

  • Broccoli salad topped with raw zucchini, red & yellow sweet peppers, avocado, hemp hearts & olive oil
  • Breaded whitefish over spinach and cilantro with avocado slices & drizzled with olive oil
  • Couscous & spicy red pepper sauce over spinach and tomatoes, topped with chia seeds & olive oil
  • Grilled salmon with dill over a bed of spinach, grilled zucchini, baby potatoes and grilled peppers

Creative Salads


Warm Salads

Cooking your veggies does remove a certain amount of nutrients as compared to uncooked raw ingredients but sometimes a call for variety is in order. Especially when the weather can make a cold salad seem less appealing!

  • Bok choy, broccoli, kale are all great vegetables to use in a warm salad.
  • Grilled eggplant, zucchini and sweet potato taste great and can fill your veggie quota for the day.
  • Grill, sautée and  even barbecuing your veggies will add a variety of taste and texture.

Below are some fun warm salad ideas.

  1. Bok choy with sauteed tofu and cherry red & yellow tomatoes.
  2. Cooked base of corn & squash, topped with avocado. spinach & olives on a bed of couscous.
  3. Brussels sprouts sauteed in spicy hot pepper sauce with green peas.
  4. Asian style sesame tofu with bok choy & quinoa, topped with hemp hearts.

Warm Salads


Kids Salads

Start young and get your children enjoying salad by making it fun to eat! Design and decorate your children’s plate with a fun to eat salad. Before you know it, your kids will not only be eating veggies but actually enjoying them!

Kids Tulip Garden Salad

The Kids “Tulip Garden” Salad

  • Fresh hummus & carrots
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes
  • Lean organic meat

Make a salad a day an easy habit to adopt by being creative and thinking outside the box. Your body, health and fitness routine will thank you!

Happy Salad!


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      Mmmmm…I love cheese! I aim to make vegan choices for most meals however I do eat dairy during cheat days and my dairy of choice is always cheese! Brie and Gruyere are my favs :)

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    Now these are some great salad ideas!! I love to make hearty salads with lots of protein. And now that it’s summertime, berries are one of my favorite additions :)

    • says

      Thanks Rachel! Salads are always my go to meal! So easy & so many delicious options! Seasonal berries are a great idea too :)

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