My Journey to 20km

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It’s official! I now know for sure that I will make it to the end of the half marathon in August Despite weeks of what I thought was a lack of training due to family and work circumstances, I finally broke through my previous limits and completed my journey to 20km. It wasn’t even planned, […]

Osh Kosh & Carters Kids Fashion Show


So today’s post is not about fitness or running but it is about my two other passions: kids and shopping! Okay moms, time for some quick thinking! Can you name a brand of children’s clothing that has THE cutest styles, never wears out AND is one that we waited a long time for here in […]

Creating a New Habit in 4 Easy Steps

Creating a new habit in 4 easy steps

Habits….they are so hard to break but maybe even harder to create! So you’ve decided that you want to run three times a week? Or maybe you’ve decided to become a vegetarian? Want to start reading more? Regardless of what this new habit is, it clearly means something to you and so you want to […]

4 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Summer Fitness Goals


Summer is finally here! That means vacations, backyard barbecues and impromptu get-together. While this season tends to be fabulously social it also makes sticking to healthy eating and consistent fitness training that much harder. Especially if you have a large goal looming ahead! Many runners train for races in late summer and early fall and […]

Race to find TIME


This article was originally posted in March 2015. However after a very busy few weeks I have noticed myself slipping back into old habits and in desperate need of re-reading my own advice! Okay parents, let’s be real. Many of us feel like we can’t take the time we need for ourselves because of our […]

Safety Identification Products

Who Am I-  ID Products

Last week I received an envelope in my mailbox from Who Am I? ID Products. They are a local Montreal company who specializes in making safety identification products for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Their products can be used by runners, cyclists, skiers, hikers or really pretty much anyone who wants an easy way to identify themselves should […]

Parenting On The Run


Parenting is a tough job. The hardest one out there. As parents we are so focused on instilling good habits in our children that it’s often easy to forget that the best way, is to do it within yourself first. My daughter is 3.5 years old and like all kids her age, she runs pretty […]

Creative Salad Ideas!

Kids Tulip Garden Salad

Suggest eating more salad and many people will say they feel bored and unsatisfied just thinking about it! However it doesn’t have to be that way. Peruse online sources such as Pinterest for creative ideas and you can start making salads an exciting and eagerly anticipated meal in your home! Do even the most minimal […]