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Finally sunscreen weather has arrived! After a long winter, everyone is eager to get outside and enjoy the warm weather-especially here in Canada! But who’s actually wearing their sunscreen?

Every day before I send my kids off to school, I apply sunscreen on them. Even on days that are cloudy. My kids know that putting on sunscreen is just like brushing their teeth in the morning. No questions asked, it must be done. We’ve done this since they were toddlers and now it’s a habit. The reality is that for every minute without sunscreen, your skin is being exposed to harmful UV rays.

We aim to be a healthy lifestyle family-this means being focused on fresh natural foods, organic personal and household products, fitness and outdoor living. For us, wearing sunscreen is just part of that package.

So when I was asked to do a review for First Derm Online Dermatology I was very interested. The first thing I loved was the section of their website that is dedicated to moms First Derm Moms .


This page gives valuable insight, solutions and information that I found very useful. First Derm struck a chord with me as a mom because they are focused on educating people about the benefits of sunscreen and they support skin cancer awareness with their #SpotCancer & #SPF365 campaign.

After checking out the special mom page and reading up on their service I was ready to try it out!

First Derm Online Dermatology is an app and web-service that connects users directly to dermatologists for an opinion on any skin issue – anywhere, anytime, anonymously. This is an amazing service because the average wait-time to see a dermatologist can range from weeks to months in North America. In that time, some skin problems can become worse or even deadly.

However, most skin problems are quite minor and usually can be resolved with over-the-counter treatment. Whether severe or minor, skin issues cause people a lot worry because there is no quick or reliable way to find out which are which.

So here’s how it works. To test out the app I first did the free download then polled my family and found two people with skin issues. One had an unidentified mole and the other had a rash that was not clearing up. I took two pictures of each individual’s skin issue and uploaded them to the app. I was asked to describe their symptoms, pay a consultation fee of $40.00 (mine was complimentary in exchange for this honest review) and press send.

I received a confirmation of my application and a notice saying that it takes an average of 4 hours for a network of dermatologists provide an answer on:

1) the likely identity of the skin problem

2) possible at-home treatment options

3) if/when a doctor’s visit is recommended. 70% of users are recommended over the counter treatment.

However my answer came in 2hours! The answers were clear and concise. They explained possible causes and side effects of these skin problems and even included solutions for over the counter care and medications. And the best part? Solutions and peace of mind!! The rash went away and the mole was confirmed (as previously suspected) to be a hereditary issue and nothing more.

My family and I were a little skeptical on how this would work but after trying the app, we were all impressed! It was easy to use and the results came back quickly and with great information. I highly recommended First Derm and will most certainly use it again in the future. There is nothing more amazing that being able to use technology to better your health!

For more information on First Derm Online Dermatology and on the importance of sunscreen please check out the following links:

The Center for Skin Cancer  -local site for Montreal

Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation -national site for Canada

Spot Skin Cancer -USA site

The Skin Cancer Foundation -USA site


Wishing you all a safe and sunscreen filled summer!


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