Ottawa 2015 -10km Race Recap

Another 10km race to add to the roster and a new PR to go with it! Granted it was only by 1 minute but it was still a PR nonetheless. This was my second time entering a 10km race and my official time was 1hr 5min 26 sec.

Ottawa Race weekend holds a special place in my heart as it was the first race I ever attended both as a spectator and as a runner. May 2014 was my first race, it was the 2km and it was brutal! (Although part of that was due to the fact I had undiagnosed case of pneumonia at the time-oups…) I had only been running a short time and having just come off a cold Montreal winter, both my training and my health was sub par.

One year later and so much has changed. I’ve spent the past year running consistently, entered multiple races and even trained at the gym throughout the winter. It was a totally different experience. Still rough in some areas though, I got a side stitch just a few km in and had a sore Achilles tendon to contend with but it all worked out in the end. Overall it was a fabulous start to the 2015 race season.

10KM Ottawa

The course itself was pretty straightforward. Flat for the most part with only one small hill at the beginning. The course ran along the canal, over a bridge and had one loop. There were tons of spectators, the motivation and encouragement they provided were so welcome. Nothing beats applauding fans holding up poster boards with words of encouragement and children trying to high five you as you run!

I must also mention that my fabulous CTR headband from Chaos Hats kept my hair out of my face during the whole run.  I wear a lot of headbands but this one is truly a favorite of mine!

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This race was special to me for personal reasons as well. One of my very best friends and her hubby ran the 5km. It was my friend’s first race ever and she ROCKED it! I was so proud of her. She had worked so hard to achieve this goal and truly deserved this amazing success :)

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I also got to meet up with a fellow runner and blogger friend who I have been following for many months now. Brittany of My Mama Journey is as fabulous in real life as she is online and it was a pleasure to hang out and run in the same race with her! Can’t wait to do it again soon :)

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Running the Ottawa 10km this past weekend was a blessing that I don’t take for granted. I noticed many elderly and disabled folks walking and running to the best of their ability through both the 5km and the 10km races. It’s very easy to take youth and health for granted until you see what others with challenges are aiming to accomplish.

Congratulations to all the runners, walkers and joggers from this past weekend. It was an honor to be among you.


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    It was a real pleasure meeting you and learning more about your life person. I hope that our friendship can continue to grow both in person and online. Lets connect in Montreal this summer with our families!

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    Your blog posts don’t show up in my WordPress Reader anymore, so I missed this!!!!?! Amazing job, congrats on a fab race a finish and a PR xo

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      Thank you!! Since I switched to self hosted they won’t show up in your reader anymore. You would need to subscribe via email then you will be notified of each new post :)

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