How to get in a workout WITH your kids!

Ped days. They’re probably some of your child’s favorite days of the school year but let’s face it…they’re not always yours. It sounds great in theory and honestly it sometimes is! There are those magical days when your little prince or princess gets to stay home with Mommy and bake cookies, play board games and help cut their sandwiches into cute little shapes. Oups!!! Reality check! That day is not today. Today you completely forgot it was a ped day! You had planned to work out, get your hair done, run errands, make phone calls, catch up on emails and maybe get some real work done too.

So what to do? Well most of your plans can probably still work as long as your little darling can be dragged along on these errands but what about your workout? Guessing that it will have to wait for another day? Wrong answer! Harness your creativity and you can easily turn your fitness regime into an activity for two :)


Running with the stroller is the easy answer for moms of preschool kiddies but what about older kids? What about a bike ride? Take your child out on your favorite running route and have them tag along on their bike, scooter, roller blades or even a skateboard! You get to log some miles and your child has a blast zipping up and down, challenging you to a race and benefiting from the fresh air.

Workout WITH your child

Yoga or Gym Rat

You normally go to the yoga studio or to the gym? Many places have daycare for little ones and although that’s a great option, it’s not always ideal for older kids. However many places also offer kids classes or sometimes will even let your child join in your class. Not at your gym? No problem. Staying home also has options- YouTube is your new BFF! Want an ab or leg workout? Zumba? Yoga? HIIT? It’s all at your fingertips. Clear your living room floor and get moving! Just don’t let you child watch tv or disappear into their room during this time, include them in your workout! Another great way to get them involved is to have them choose a challenging workout for you and be YOUR coach for the day.

By being creative and finding ways to workout with your kids around, it will actually do more for you and your family than just keep your fitness on track.

Here are 4 hidden benefits in favor of NOT ditching your workout on a ped day.

  1. Seize this opportunity to inspire and teach your child about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Creating quality one on one time with your child on their day off.
  3. Opening the door to participating in new activities together, possibly even outdoor sports.
  4. Starting your day off together by creating exercise induced endorphin’s will make you both happier.
  5. Keeping your fitness momentum going despite a change in your usual schedule

Don’t use an unexpected change in the schedule as an excuse to ditch your workout. Be creative. Include your children and you will all benefit!


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