5 Reasons FUN RUNS are for Everyone!

This may just be the best advice you’ll ever get when it comes to running and fitness….Sign up for a FUN RUN!! Fun Runs are races that are not officially timed and don’t give out medals. They are ridiculously messy and most of all CRAZY FUN!

This past weekend, my friend Christina and I participated in the Montreal Color Me Rad 5km race. This was Christina’s first race ever and my first race of the season. The place was packed with all different kinds of people. Some were clearly athletes and many were clearly not. There were parents with their pre teen kids, dads pushing babies in strollers, groups of teenagers, friends, colleagues. Every generation and every type was represented. It was beautiful.

Color Me Rad 5km

Watching hundreds of people having a blast at this race clearly highlighted the 5 reasons why FUN RUNS are for EVERYONE! 

1. Fun runs teach the benefits of exercise and running to non runners

For many people at this event, it was their first time running. Although they had no experience, no training and possibly not even the right shoes, their screams of delight were a clear indication of the amazing high they were getting from simply moving. Other than for the usual reasons like weight loss, getting fit etc…running also brings a sense of freedom and happiness, it’s a runner’s high exhilaration like nothing else. However if you never try it, you’ll never know it. Trying it out in a fun setting like this can really promote fitness and turn people on to running more seriously.

2. No pressure experience for first time racers

Just like for my friend Christina, racing a fun run as your first race really takes the pressure off! No need to be concerned about how you measure up to your own expectations or to others. No worries of not being able to make it to the finish line. Just run, walk, jog and fly through the paint stations! It’s a great way to build your racing confidence and gain experience.

3. Puts the fun back in running for experienced racers

For those of us who normally race with a purpose, this is a release from chasing that elusive PR. In a fun run, there’s no need to time, pace or focus. Your only goal is to RUN and try to avoid the paint and color bombs that are thrown at you! It really helps to remind you of why you started running in the first place.

4. Reminds adults how to let loose and play like a kid again

This doesn’t happen often enough. As adults we spend so much time being uptight and nagging our kids to be careful, to not get dirty, to be quiet etc… At a fun run, you basically play like a kid when your parents aren’t watching. You run, skip, scream, yell, fall in the mud, roll on the floor, jump in the puddles and run through the mess. You get dirty, really dirty and it will ROCK!

5. Amazing family experience

Although this time it was just Christina and I, we both talked about running this race with our hubbies and kids in the future. We saw so many families running together and really having a blast. It was hard to tell who was having more fun, the kids or the parents! All were covered head to toe in mess and completely unrecognizable to anyone other than each other. They were making memories and they were all loving every minute of it.


FUN RUN. Sign up today. Color Run, Foam Fest, Mud Run, Zombie Run, whatever. Just do it. It may just be the most fun you’ve had in a long time. 

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