Keeping Your Workouts Clean & Green

How do you know if the gym equipment you’re using is really clean? How do you know what’ s lurking in those yoga studio mats? The truth is you don’t. In fact if you did know, you may even reconsider joining the gym. And if you are aiming to live a healthy and natural lifestyle, you may even want to know what is being used to clean that equipment. Is it harsh chemicals with known carcinogens? Again, you don’t really know.

Want an easy solution? Just make your own bottle of “gym spray”. Either buy an all natural/all purpose cleaner at the health food store or follow the recipes in the below info graphic to make your own :)

You can use essential oils such as tea tree oil in your yoga mat spray. This will help prevent the growth of the fungus that is often be found in smelly, sweaty yoga mats. Other ingredients can include vodka, vinegar, baking soda, and distilled water. All things that easily found in your home!

It’s easy to pick up an empty spray bottle at the dollar store. Just fill it with some lovely smelling natural ingredients, throw it in your gym bag and have peace of mind knowing the equipment you are using is clean!

Below are some ugly facts about the germs we encounter at the gym and some fabulous solutions to help live a cleaner life! Thanks to PartSelect and Ghergich&Co for this great information.

Green Clean Exercise Equipment

Have a clean and happy workout!


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