The 5am Club

The 5am Club is definitely not a new theory, although to some it can sound crazy the first time they hear about it. The concept of starting each day at 5am has been used for centuries by many of the world’s greatest thinkers and entrepreneurs. Why? Because it gives you an advantage over everyone else. While everyone else is still sleeping you are already two or four or ten steps ahead of the game.

Unfortunately, today it seems to be very fashionable to complain to one another that we don’t have enough hours in the day. We busy ourselves saying that we are so incredibly busy. We one up each other with our busyness. Being busy has become a badge of honor that we eagerly show to the world as a sign of success. Once we have reached the busyness plateau, we move on to stress. If being busy is a badge of honor then stress is the supreme badge of honor of in our society. It has become the hallmark of both business and family life. Busyness equals stress and stress equals success. This has become the mantra of too many.

The 5am Club releases you of busyness and stress. In those moments when the world is quiet, you become grounded and can learn to find yourself amid the chaos. It is the peace that you have been searching for. It is the extra time for yourself that you thought didn’t exist.

4 Amazing Reasons to Join the 5am Club

Start your day with peace and serenity

5 am is a beautiful and serene time of day. The sun is just starting to rise. The last elements of night time are fading and a new day is being born. It is here in these moments of limbo that we can find the missing time we need for ourselves. Make a point to go outside and connect with nature. Watch the sun rise. Listen to the birds. Appreciate the beauty of the world we live in. Start your day in a calm, peaceful and appreciative way.

Capitalize on the best time to workout

Even if it’s just a slow walk around your neighborhood, capitalize on the best time of day to move your body. Or, if you already have an exercise plan set up, change the time of day to early morning. Morning exercise gets the metabolism going and keeps it high throughout the day. It also clears your mind and gets the endorphin’s pumping. You will feel the results all day long both in your heart and in your body.

Fuel your body and brain

Too many people don’t eat a healthy breakfast. Then they wonder why they are overcompensating with the wrong foods later on in the day. Plan your breakfast the night before and take the time to eat something that will fuel your body and your brain. However this does not mean drinking 4 coffees before 8am! Start your day with a glass of lemon water and then move on to a healthy breakfast option. You will be more alert, more focused and see the results of your workouts much quicker.

Set your goals and intention for the day

It is impossible to stay on track with the goals you have set out for yourself if you don’t take the time to review them each day. Review your goal list and set your intention for the day. Intention is the focus given to the daily steps that will continuously move you towards your ultimate goal. Focus your intention and prime yourself to feel confident and passionate about your plans.


5AM Run Club


Now many of you might be saying that this all sounds great but you are skeptical as to how can you actually implement it. Perhaps you think you’re a night person, maybe you work shifts, you dislike breakfast or exercise or both!…In fact, I’m sure you have many more creative excuses than these. However, do you also feel overwhelmed, stressed and have no time for yourself? Then you CAN make this change. You do have the power to fix those problems. Here’s how.


4 Easy Ways to Join the 5am Club

Go to bed earlier

Most people waste between 1 to 3 hours a night watching tv or surfing the net aimlessly. Are those hours really enriching your life? No they are simply wasting valuable time. Sleep earlier. Wake earlier. Get more done. Consider yourself a night person? Not a problem. Start training yourself to get to bed earlier by 30min a week. Too much at once will not work but 30min per week most definitely will. Generally speaking, we need about 8hours of quality uninterrupted sleep per night but this does vary from person to person. Figure out your magic sleep number and watch yourself wake earlier and be more refreshed.

Stop eating as early as possible 8pm is good but 7pm is better.

Eating keeps you awake. You also eat more the longer you are awake and thereby contradict any healthy eating lifestyle you aiming to maintain. Digestion takes time and energy from your body. When the body is in digestion mode, you will not have the best quality sleep. Digest first then go to sleep. Your sleep will become more restful and you will not be groggy when you awake.

Create a 5am plan

Know your reason for joining the 5am Club. Is it to have time to work out? Ensure a healthy breakfast? To have time to meditate alone before the kids and chaos begin? Or maybe it’s to get in 2 hours of uninterrupted work before the phones start ringing and you need to multitask all day long. Whatever your reason, know it and be prepared. Have your clothes ready by your bed and your shoes by the door. Pre plan your breakfast. Wake up to your favorite tunes. Be ready.

Be accountable

Tell others about your new plan. Post it to social media. Hold yourself accountable by planning a special reward for yourself. Convince a neighbor or friend to join you. Start a journal. Figure out what makes you tick and do it. The rewards will be tenfold.


Above are all the reasons why you should join the 5am club. They are proven and beautiful advantages for the soul, body and the mind. However, it will hard at first. Know that and plan for it. Remember that everything worth doing is hard until it becomes a habit. 

So instead of perpetuating busyness and stress as your hallmark of success, join the 5am club and reverse that pattern. Success is time. Time for yourself. Time to do the things you want to do. Time to focus on your goals. Join the 5am club and watch your success soar!


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    Yes, I’ve mastered the 5 am wake up call! It does become a habit after a while, you adjust! Unfortunately, my dog doesn’t understand that on weekends we want to sleep in a bit longer though!

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