7 Things To Do During A Morning Walk

So you’re not a runner you say? Only if fits in your schedule? Well if we put the fitness reasons aside for a moment, it’s totally normal to have these thoughts sometimes. Or a lot of the time…..

Although I do identify as a runner, this morning I just didn’t have time for a run. After being out of town for work over the past few days, I had so much to catch up on. I also had an early morning meeting that cut into my normal running time. So at first I planned to just get on with my day anyway knowing I’d be a little grumpy about missing my run. Then I thought that perhaps I’d run later in the day…okay maybe….but then it dawned on me. Not enough time to run? Doesn’t matter. Just get outside and go for a walk. One of the main reasons (again fitness aside) I love running is the sense of freedom I get from being outdoors and connecting with nature.

So on that note, off I went.

It was beautiful. Serene, quiet and utterly peaceful. I soaked in the sunlight, breathed in the fresh air and let my mind go clear of all thoughts and just be. Within minutes I began to feel calm yet energized. The stress I had been feeling of a big day ahead with not enough hours to get it all done in, just floated away. I was able to focus on what was ahead and really plan out my course of action for both work and family life. I made plans and even solved a few issues all while appreciating the beauty of morning. I didn’t walk for long, only about 15 minutes but it was a brisk walk with calculated intention. As I walked, I realized that these were many of same feelings that I get from running and mostly because I was outside connecting with the world and being mindful.

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Today I realized that it’s okay to not always stick to the routine. Life happens and sometimes you just have to go with it. So I didn’t run today. So I didn’t move forward with my physical training. I may not have had the runners high that feels so good but I did gain something just as important. I gained the knowledge that I can achieve much of the same emotional happiness and clarity by just a simple walk in the park.

So even if you are not a runner, start your day off right and WALK!

7 things to do during a morning walk

  1. Walk briskly with intention -get the physical and mental juices flowing!
  2. Be mindful of nature -you are part of nature just as it is a part of you!
  3. Show love and appreciation -be grateful for the best parts of your life, don’t take anything for granted!
  4. Plan your day -run through your mental list of the day or week, be prepared!
  5. Mentally review pending issues -know your priorities and don’t procrastinate!
  6. Make decisions that lead towards your ultimate goal -return from your walk with a plan of action!
  7. Applaud yesterday’s efforts and achievements -be proud of what you have already accomplished!


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