Running in the Rain

Okay so it’s not my favorite type of run but there are days when I just don’t have a choice. Today was one of them.

Granted the rain is melting away what’s left of the snow and cleaning up the city but it’s also bone chilling to be sweaty and rain soaked at the same time! The good part is that it pushed me to keep running no matter what in an effort to stay warm!!

These were my thoughts during this morning’s rainy run……

5 Reasons to RUN in the RAIN (1)

So my rainy run turned out to be fun after all and now that I have these 5 reasons, I will have no excuse but to get out there again next time it rains!

Happy running friends!

#GoRunnerGo  :)


  1. says

    I don’t mind running in the rain, especially the warm summer rain. It’s raining here today but SO cold outside, plus we still have tones of snow in NS :( I’m sure spring will arrive some day.

    • says

      Yes warm summer rain is definitely better! Sadly I feel like I can’t remember summer all that well, it’s just been too long! Although it sounds like NS is much worse off than Qc! Hope spring comes your way soon!

  2. says

    As Canadians we must learn to run in every season and types of weather, from -20 to 30 and rain, snow and sunshine. If dressed properly, it’s all possible! I really don’t mind running in the rain!

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