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Life will never be the same, life is changing…..

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What an outstanding 5 days I have just lived!! It is almost impossible to properly describe the Tony Robbins live experience. I thought I knew what to expect. After all, I have been reading his books and listening to his audio programs for years. I was wrong. So very wrong. Never did I expect such insight, such personal growth and such a deep soul searching spiritual experience all wrapped up into the best rock concert EVER!

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Words can truly not even come close. Tony had us focus in on our beliefs and values and how they literally shape every decision we make in our lives on a minute by minute basis. Oh and did I mention that along with 7,000 other people, I walked on FIRE?? Totally crazy I know but I would do again in a heartbeat.

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Burning the logs all night….
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Laying out the hot burning coals to walk on

There is not a human being on this planet that would not benefit from a Tony Robbins Live event. All I can say is GO. Find a way or make a way but GO. Your life will never be the same.

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#GoRunnerGo  :)


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    walked on fire?! you go, girl. don’t know much about Tony Robbins but i feel this way whenever i hear Pastor Carl at Hillsong NYC preach — so inspiring and encouraging and motivating, and really changes your perspective.

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    WOW! Looks like you had a great time :) I actually don’t know who he was until I read your initial post about going to listen to him live. I am so glad it was a worthwhile experience. (And kids free!).

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