MARATHON entry & January Updates

It’s done!! I have officially entered my first MARATHON! Woot! Woot!

It was a bit of a spontaneous moment. I was absent minded and scrolling my way through FB recently when I noticed a coupon code for the Montreal Marathon. Then before I knew what had happened, I grabbed the code, headed on over to the site and inputted my credit card number. I know I have some shopping issues but this may have been my worst case of impulse shopping ever! In literally less than 5 minutes flat I had paid for and was officially entered in a full 42.2km marathon.

Now it’s not like I’ve never though of this before. In fact, it has been the plan all along. However, once it was done I was a little in shock. It had all happened so fast! Then I noticed that I had personalized the bib to say Montreal Runner Mom and I felt overcome with nausea. OMG….who am I? This was just not me….or was it?

Later that day I went out for brunch with some friends and told them the story. They got a good laugh at my expense and pretty much thought I was nuts. One very practical friend quietly mentioned to me…don’t you think you should try a half first honey? Hmmm…maybe she had a point? Okay I thought, I’ll keep that one on the back burner!

So I went home and promptly registered for a half in July.

Consequently my spring/summer race schedule now looks like this…

  • 10km in May and another in June
  • Half marathon in July another in August
  • Then we hit end of September and it’s the big one, the full MARATHON!!!
  • I also planned on one final half marathon in November just because I like that particular course so much :)

Eeeesh….now that it’s written down and starting back at me I’m really starting to feel freaked out! It’s okay I suppose…..I’ve always been a little extreme so I guess this is no different. Well, looks like it’s going to be an all or nothing summer baby!

On different note, I was accepted for another ambassador gig! This time for Girls Gone Sporty. Also a fabulous organization and an inspiring community of women. I am excited and eager to move forward with this new adventure :)

So looks like January has been a productive month so far. Here’s the current recap:

  • I joined and actually am attending the gym 3 times a week! Each time, I run without walking for a solid hour. Sometimes I choose the flat route and I run fast, other times I choose the hills and it’s a slower pace but lots more leg work. I feel like the combination of both have really kept me on my toes 😉 
  • Scored 2 ambassador gigs and 1 writing gig.
  • My quest to read 100 books in a year is moving along nicely -see QUESTS.
  • Entered all my spring/summer races including the MARATHON!
  • Finally, on the business front, we are currently supporting Free the Children and raising money to buy goats for families in developing countries. We are only a couple of weeks in and we have raised enough for 2 goats and are well on our way to a 3rd.

Yup, January is going well :)

I feel like the days are going by so fast and sometimes it’s hard to hold on to each individual moment. However I try to remain thankful for each day, as each one brings me one step closer to my goals and ultimately creates the kind of life that I set out to have.


How is your January shaping up? Are you sticking to your commitments?



  1. Samuel says

    So cool jennifer, I heard montreal is very nice at this time of the year, don’t worry about not finishing, everybody can finish it!

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