Let the holiday madness begin!


Ahhhh!!! It’s officially the holiday season!

As of today my business is closed for 4 weeks! After working 7 days a week and not having a day off since Thanksgiving (which was the beginning of October here in Canada!) I cannot express how HAPPY and EXCITED I am!

HAPPY :) ….and a little late on everything holiday related!

I now have exactly 1 week to….

  • Buy, wrap and deliver all gifts to the kids school teachers and friends that we won’t see again until after the New Year
  • Attend my kids school holiday shows and parties
  • Celebrate Hanukkah with the family starting tonight
  • Host a holiday dinner for our company teachers & staff
  • Host a holiday party for our competitive dance teams
  • Take my kids to get their photos taken with Santa
  • Kids dentist appointments
  • Buy, wrap and pack all gifts that will travel with us when we visit family in the US for Christmas
  • Do laundry, shop for kids holiday outfits and pack suitcases for all 4 of us
  • Attend a baby shower
  • Take my kids to see the Nutcracker ballet

Oh and did I mention, RUN???? lol, maybe I will simply keep my shoes on and run around between errands!


Luckily I got back on track last week with running and my goal is to get in 3 runs before we head out on Monday for our road trip. So in order to get all these things done, something will have to give…sleep maybe?


Holiday Yoga

Despite the craziness, I truly love the holiday season and all that it brings. I love that I have the best of both worlds as we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. I am thankful to have family and friends with whom to share it. My wish for everyone, regardless of what you are celebrating or not celebrating this month, is a happy and healthy season that warms your heart and those you love in a special way!

With this in mind, I am off for my morning run! It’s mild out today only -1, so I am aiming to get in a good 8km. As I run today, my mind will be buzzing with lists, lists and more lists!! Then it’s off to hit the stores and tick those items off the lists. Can’t wait!!

Happy day everyone and Happy Hanukkah tonight to all who celebrate :)



  1. says

    Wow that’s a busy week ahead of you! Running will definitely help keep your head on straight during all that craziness! Good luck, and enjoy your time off!!

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