Back on track baby!!


I did it!! I finally had a good training week despite the snowstorm!! This week has been my get back on track week after being sick and succumbing to nasty winter slushy weather. I got three runs in this week, each progressively getting better despite the snow!!

Tuesday 5km, Wednesday 8km, Thursday was a rest day in part due to the storm and just because I needed the rest and then today….finally got my 10km :)

I haven’t run 10km in a couple of weeks and boy did it feel good! This week’s snowstorm was our first really big one of the season but lots of snow also means really nice mild running conditions. As long as the streets, trails and pathways have been cleared it’s a great time for winter running. Luckily my area was well cleared and easy to navigate through, which helped to get me back on track.

photo 1

Winter running can actually be a beautiful and surreal experience. When everything is covered in snow, the world looks like a magical fantasy land. Everyday items like a lamp post or fence all of a sudden have softened and have mystical qualities. The trees heavy with snow become misshapen yet remarkable. By taking the time to really breathe in beauty of the snow while running, my mind flowed towards these words…..(apologies for mix of languages, my thought process sometimes does that!)

Magical majestic white flocons de neige

A beautiful tempête whirls dans l’air

Comme un ange that dances in the rays du soleil

We welcome l’hiver once again

photo 4

photo 3

So much beauty and wonder in can be found along a good snowy running trail. I wish everyone could experience it! That is of course if you remember to slow down and look up! Sometimes that’ s hard to do, especially if it’s icy but this week was all nicely packed snow :)

After this fabulous week I feel much more confident about the upcoming race and I still have a good 2.5 weeks to go! Next week I will take a couple of opportunities to train on the actual course. Then I’m off to Connecticut for a week where I can boost up my speed running without any snow!! So excited for that!

The race is on the 30th, then once the New Year’s deals hit, gym membership it is. I have been grudgingly talking about joining a gym for a while now and every time I do my mood turns sour….so now I decided to look at it another way. Instead of griping about having to go to the gym, I am getting psyched to do so because once January and gym time begin, there will only be 3 short months before the snow is gone and spring is here :)

So bring on the gym!!!

After all…..


Happy snowy trails to all! :)


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