New Kicks!


I won the contest!!! Can’t believe I actually won!!! 

Last Friday I entered a Running Room FB contest for a new pair of Brooks shoes. Just needed to post what I love about winter running with the #runhappy. I also included a little selfie of moi running outside on a snowy day and voilà!


Tons of random votes from all across the country and the announcement came yesterday afternoon that I was indeed the winner. Will be picking up my new pair of kicks at my local Running Room this week :)

I’ve never won anything before so this is pretty exciting for me. Hmmm….maybe I should play the lottery too!!

With brand new shoes just in time for a 15cm snowstorm tomorrow I have no excuse but to join a gym! I’ve actually been putting it off for a couple of weeks (although been doing the research and visiting a few places around town) but with new shoes which I refuse to wear outside until the snow melts and the streets are clean again, it must be done!!! This way my old shoes can get wet and dirty outside and my new clean babies will only see the treadmill until April :)

My last pair were Asics and my new winning pair are Brooks which I’ve never tried before. It will be interesting to see the difference. Anyone out there have a shoe preference? I’d be interested to know your choices. I have a terrible habit of buying shoes for superficial reasons and not practical ones. This usually involves the running shoe salesman trying to convince me to buy a particular pair that are a good choice for my feet and running style but do not in any way please me aesthetically. Needless to say it takes me forever to buy running shoes!! However….I love the purple, pink and orange of these shoes, so fingers crossed they fit well and I get the thumbs up from the running shoe gurus 😉

Race Update……

So it’s officially 21 days until my next race and I will admit to slacking off in the training department lately. It’s been cold, wet, icy and I’ve been feeling a bit sick this last week too. My little monkeys have brought home the first batch of winter germs from school and daycare and lovingly passed them on to me. However, I need to get my training into gear because with only 21 days left, the time will go by very quickly, especially over the holiday week.

Mount Royal Resolution Run is coming soon and right now the equation goes like this….

Less than stellar training + Snowy hills + below freezing temps + night race = Lost in the dark, hypothermic runner popsicle

However if I up my training, work those hills and train on the course I might actually finish with a half decent time! So that’s my goal and I’m getting back on track towards it!

Here we goooooo!!!!!

Wishing all my friends in blog land a very happy day :)


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    Woohoo Jennifer!!! Not only did you win but you scored the best running shoes on the planet … Brooks of course but then again I’m a bit biased haha lol 😛 I was just wondering how your training was going. Time to saddle up missy!!! 😉 Hope you are feeling better. I caught some bug over the weekend that has left me with nearly no voice yesterday and today. I sound like a frog or better yet a boy going through puberty haha lol :) 😛

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      Awesome!! You are the 2nd person to sing the praises of Brooks to me! Can’t wait to get them :) And yes, it’s time to kick my butt into gear in terms of training…last week was awful but back on track now. Ran 8km after this morning’s post and I felt great!! Hope you feel better soon too!

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    Congratulations on your win! :- I run in several different shoes. My current favorite is Hoka and now Saucony Ride 7! My all time favorite is Asics Nimbus. I ran my first marathon in them in October so I’m partial to them! haha I also run in Brooks Glycerin. I do better for short runs in Brooks. I love all the shoes I mentioned in some way. I love winter running but I have having trouble staying motivated since the 4 month training and the marathon. I need to find something to train for to get me back in the groove.

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