Race update!!

Yesterday I registered for the local Resolution Run on December 30th! Yay!!

Okay, so here’s why this is so exciting to me…

I’ve done a few 5km races and recently did my first 10km. I had wanted to get in another 10km before the holidays but haven’t been able to find anything in my area that works with my schedule.

This 5km however is on Mount Royal which is a hill in the center of downtown Montreal. This hill was formed from an ancient extinct volcano and is now covered by a lush forest. Mont Royal is a beautiful location at all times of the year and the views of the city are just fabulous!

View of downtown Montreal from Mount Royal

Racing on the hill not only means elevation to contend with but the time of day will be an interesting factor too. The start time is 5:30pm which means the race will be in complete darkness!

Basically I figured if I can’t get in another 10km why not race on the mountain, in total darkness while the temperature is dropping off for the night? Hahahaa!! I might be losing my mind a little but something about it makes me think it will be fun :)

Race map for Mount Royal Resolution Run 2014
Race map for Mount Royal Resolution Run 2014

Now I just need to stock up some winter running gear because it will be a nasty form of cold that evening I’m sure. And I will need new treads. Last year’s pair were totally worn down at the end of the season and in no way can you run without them in icy winter conditions. Maybe a headlamp too? lol…what a stylish outfit this will be!

Luckily though I will be able to get in some training on the actual course and I must thank FlRunnerBoy for this idea! He posted recently that this was one of the training methods he used to obtain his latest PR and I am eager to try it out for myself!

As well, this race comes at the perfect time of year to counter balance all the eating and drinking of the holidays!  After a week of Christmas feasting and just before New Year’s Eve drinking time, I can use this race to feel a little better about all the gluttony of the holidays! Though I will need to be disciplined with my training in order to be ready for this race. However I’m okay with that because being disciplined about running is much easier for me than being disciplined about eating and drinking!!

So let the countdown to the Montreal Resolution Run 2014 begin!!


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    Woohoo!!! Sounds like an interesting race Jennifer and it does provide an amazing skyline view :) I’m super happy that you’ll get to put some time in training on the actual course especially since you mentioned that the race starts as it begins to get dark and the temps start dropping. Knowing the course will give you that extra piece of mind you’ll need to crush the course which I know you’ll do 😉 I can’t wait to hear the recap. Your race is just under two weeks before my next race. Best wishes in your training and let me know if I can help in anyway though I’d have to say you are the expert at cold weather running and I’m the student lol :)


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