I am so excited I can barely breathe! My ultimate motivator….the man who can get me and millions of others moving, cheering and raising productivity like no other is coming to the NY area in March and I have TICKETS!!!

Going to see Tony Robbins #UPWNewYork baby!


I attended a Tony Robbins seminar about 8 years ago in Montreal and in one weekend, he totally changed my perspective on life, business and relationships. His teachings helped me to pursue all the things that I wanted and for a long time it was good, really good. However, as the years passed I became distracted by life and let go of some of the tools I had learned. With time, as many of us do, I lost my way a bit.

Last year when I took up running, I started listening to his seminars as I ran. By returning to the teachings I had originally learned from Tony Robbins, I was once again able to make changes in my life. I have since regained much of the confidence, personal power and motivation from years prior. I have once again raised my levels of productivity, my motivation is at an all time high and so far the results have been far better than I could have ever imagined! Most importantly, with these changes I have also begun to practice daily gratefulness for the abundance of love, health and current success that I have in my life.

So….. when I heard that Tony was coming to New York, I knew I had to attend and see him live again! I needed something extra, something a little crazy, something a little Tony ūüėȬ†¬†

Fire walk experience here I come! Nothing like walking across burning hot coals to make you feel invincible!


This year, I have some major running goals to achieve, a new business idea that needs to be realized and above all else I have this desire to make a difference in the lives of others. So pursuing these goals while having in mind that I will be recharged by Tony Robbins himself in just a few months, is overwhelmingly HUGE to me!

And…..this development was perfect timing to take me through my last week of training before my first 10km race on Sunday! I am super pumped for this 10km and although it’s freezing cold outside and there’s light snow predicted for the day before the race, I don’t care.

I am going to rock this 10km and have the most amazing time doing it :)


This race symbolizes to me the end of my first year of running and the beginning of some serious training for year 2. It was hard to get off the couch and start running and I have a feeling it will be even harder in phase 2. However, moving from 10km to the half and then to the full marathon with Tony Robbins and his words of wisdom in my head, I know I can accomplish ANYTHING!

Nothing like supreme motivation during the last few days before my first 10km race!

Time to get outside and Go Runner Go!




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