Another 5km done!

I did it! Actually managed to shave a minute off my time since last month’s race. New 5km PR of 30min40sec baby! Not fabulous but it keeps me well on my way to accomplishing my goal of running a full marathon by this time next year. So today’s race started out pretty much the same […]

Night before the race

A little less than 10hrs before I run my second 5km….and I am so excited! Or at least I was, until…….I started getting the eye roll by the non runners. So apparently, by many people’s standards this is not be a big deal at all. In fact it’s almost insulting how many non runners think […]

The beginning….

Before the race! Ottawa 2km-May 2014

So my first race was the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend back in May 2014. I ran the 2km with friends and discovered the exhilaration that comes with running alongside others. Up until that moment I had only ever run alone, circling the blocks around my house.  The lead up to the starting siren, the rush […]